At Dickson Realty, we strive for mastery in our professional and personal lives, every day. Our agents work relentlessly to be experts in the field of real estate, understand the nuances of every neighborhood, and to counsel every client through their home purchase or sale.

Whether you are a first time buyer, sophisticated seller, beginning or seasoned investor, having a Dickson Realty agent on your side will make a difference. We would not be Dickson Realty without these experienced, professional REALTORS in each of our offices.

We would like to take a moment to thank the family members who choose to be with Dickson Realty, and congratulate them for their years of commitment to our company and our community. All of the agents below had recent anniversaries of 5 years or more. We appreciate you! You inspire us!

Donna Luchetti, Celebrating 24 Years, Caughlin Ranch
Doug Gore, Celebrating 3 Years, Damonte Ranch
Rosanne Tavernetti, Celebrating 8 Years, Damonte Ranch learnmore
Pat Keena, Celebrating 4 Years, Truckee learnmore
Greta Mestre, Celebrating 14 Years, Damonte Ranch learnmore
Christy Klingler, Celebrating 14 Years, Sparks learnmore
Robin Choi, Celebrating 13 Years, Sparks learnmore
Wayne Marken, Celebrating 9 Years, Sparks learnmore
Bonnie Beck, Celebrating 20 Years, Damonte Ranch learnmore
Greg Poulsen, Celebrating 8 Years, Truckee learnmore
Lindsey Baker, Celebrating 2 Years, Damonte Ranch learnmore