For many Northern Nevada moms, real estate is more than just a career—it’s a family business passed down through generations. That’s certainly the case for many Realtors at Dickson Realty, a family-owned real estate company helping people navigate the complexities of buying and selling property since 1973. With a long-standing tradition of empowering women, Dickson Realty is committed to keeping family at the forefront of it all.

Such is the case for Rebecca Dickson, Vice President of the Dickson Luxury Division, whose mother, Fianna Dickson Combs, founded Dickson Realty more than 50 years ago. Rebecca, whose career spans several decades, said her mother paved the way for the women who have followed in her footsteps.

“I’ve watched the company evolve over the years thanks to the groundwork laid by my mom and my aunt,” she said.

For Rebecca, real estate has always been a family affair and continues to be so. She works alongside her aunt, Nancy Fennell, Dickson Realty’s CEO. Between her mother and her aunt, Rebecca grew up witnessing two women who embodied admirable traits that transcended real estate.

“They showed me, by example, how to lead with integrity and perseverance,” she said.

The Dicksons and Fennells continue collaborating with their family in the business: Rebecca’s stepson, Beau Keenan, is the company’s president, and his sister, Kylie Keenan, is a top producer. Nancy works closely with her son, Tom Fennell, who serves as a principal and managing broker of Dickson Commercial Group.

“Some people think working with family can be difficult, but I think the opposite,” Rebecca said. “For us, it’s been great.”

All In the Family (Business)

Recently, Rebecca looked around during a company meeting and realized many agents present were from multigenerational family operations and thriving real estate groups in the Dickson family.

“It was pretty cool to see that,” she said. “I feel very proud to be associated with our agents and their families.”

Among these are the Hughes Real Estate Group, which includes David Hughes and his daughter Sarah Hughes, and the Pieretti Real Estate Group, composed of husband-and-wife team John and Diedre Pieretti. John is a fourth-generation Nevadan, and his passion for real estate began in childhood when his mother was a real estate broker for more than 43 years.

“My mother taught him the importance of hard work and building strong client relationships,” he said.

The LeMond-Deller Group features a two-generation trio: Karen Melarkey, her son Gavin Deller, and her nephew, Nickalas Blades. Like Rebecca, Karen also watched her family build a successful real estate business.

“With my father and grandfather in the real estate profession, I was encouraged to get my real estate license when I was just a sophomore in college,” Karen said. “After graduating from the University of Nevada, Reno, I began my real estate career, and I’ve enjoyed 39 years as a full-time real estate professional.”

Karen’s start in real estate was unconventional. Her brother had won a gift certificate to a real estate education program but had no interest, so Karen’s father suggested she do it instead. Upon graduating from college, Karen embarked on a career spanning over three decades and counting.

Karen, whose two adult children, Lindy and Gavin, are now adults, said the early days of being a real estate agent and a new mom were a learning experience.

“I’m still not sure I have it figured out,” she laughed.

Real Estate Moms in Business with Their Children

However, her example resonated with her children, who followed in her footsteps. Lindy works in commercial and industrial real estate, and Gavin collaborates daily with his mom at Dickson Realty.

When reminiscing about the balancing act when her kids were young, Karen recalls a day when she was pregnant with her daughter, and Gavin was almost two years old, tagging along for a full day of house showings. To her delight, Gavin was an amiable companion and napped almost the entire time.

“He slept for six hours!” she said. “I was so relieved.”

She still feels that relief. Karen said working with Gavin has led to a significant decrease in stress and chronic pain. Their working and personal relationships are just easy, Karen said, and she knows he always has a handle on things.

Karen said that, ultimately, being a mom also made her a better Realtor.

“It gave me a better understanding of what families need,” she said.

Are you looking to work with a family business in your next real estate venture? Connect with Dickson Realty today, where we honor the impact of moms (and dads!) in real estate every day.