As a real estate agent, you know the challenge of keeping up with local and national trends, regulations, and ever-changing market demands. In a competitive industry, having current insights into anything that may impact your client can mean all the difference to your continued career success. Beyond the mandated ongoing education courses in real estate to maintaining your license, having ongoing access to resources like mentorship, workshops, online learning, and more can help to advance your career.

At Dickson Realty, our commitment to the professional growth of our real estate agents is embodied in our culture of excellence. With a strong value placed on mastery in real estate, hyper-local knowledge, and embracing lifelong learning, we’ve fostered a dynamic environment for over 340 real estate agents like you to thrive across 12 real estate offices in Northern Nevada and California. From the Dickson University to mentorship programs and more, you’ll receive well-rounded support throughout your real estate education.

Real Estate Education Courses: Dickson University

As a new real estate agent, jumping into the world of client experiences after obtaining your license can be intimidating. Most real estate education courses focus on the conceptual rather than the practical, offering no hands-on experience of what it looks like to be a practicing agent.

Dickson University was designed to bridge that gap. Dan Smith is both the Managing Broker for the Dickson Realty Sparks office, and the Director/Instructor of the six-week program. Designed to elevate the next generation of real estate professionals, Dickson University creates purposeful real estate advisors, focused on connections, mastery, and creating valuable service.

Real Estate Education that Maximizes Value for Our Clients

Unlike other Nevada courses for real estate agents, Dickson University is specifically designed to give new agents that vital, hands-on experience. Where other programs teach topic-based courses like contracts or negotiations, the classes in Dickson University are laid out sequentially, taking agents through the actual steps that would occur in real life while assisting our clients.

The program progresses through a six-week curriculum, covering every step from a potential client’s initial call, all the way through closing day. Week one of the program takes you through an initial orientation, focusing on foundational principles, culture, ethics, and MLS software training. From there, in weeks two and three, you’ll enter a simulated buyer process: visiting a listed property, analyzing the price through market research, and writing a mock offer with all required disclosures.

Weeks three and four comprise the listing portion of the real estate course. After touring an unlisted property, you’ll record features, prepare marketing content, make recommendations for potential repairs/pre-inspections, and form a strategic pricing plan. Rounding out the program, the sixth and final week is focused on auxiliary training like business development, tax planning, marketing and technology resources, and introductions to strategic partners.

The value from this firsthand knowledge is unmatched, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Some of our previous students shared their feelings at the completion of Dickson University:

“Thank you for the best educational experience I’ve endured! You made the learning so interesting and fun – I couldn’t get enough! I am beyond grateful for my time in Dickson University.”

“Thank you so much for your instruction in DU! I learned so much! It is second to none in comparison to any other brokerage. Your teaching skill is A++, easily interpreted, easy to follow, short & sweet. I look forward to my journey here at Dickson!”

“Thank you so much for devoting your time and effort into helping all of us in DU grow into knowledgeable and successful agents. Although there is much more to learn, I appreciate how you put so much care into what was taught and into each of the new agents in the class.”

Other Training and Education for Real Estate at Dickson Realty

Of course, as we all know, the learning doesn’t end at the completion of the six-week Dickson University Program. That’s why we offer a host of other resources to support both new and veteran agents.

Our weekly collaboration meetings offer space to share ideas with other agents and collectively adopt best practices in an ever-innovating industry. Combined and independent office trainings, as well as hyper-focused topic-trainings, are hosted regularly to support mastery on subjects like house anatomy, hosting successful open houses, marketing listings, reverse mortgages, and much more.

Working with a team that supports you as you grow, learn, and succeed can make all the difference in your career. We’re proud to offer real estate education resources that assist new and veteran agents alike in elevating their careers and becoming masters of their craft.

Ready to elevate your real estate career with top tier education? Join the ranks of Dickson Realty’s highly skilled agents and benefit from our extensive training and development programs. Click here to learn more and start your journey today!