In a competitive housing market, it’s never been more important for clients to find the best real estate agent who can make the uncertain process of buying or selling a home smooth and efficient. An exceptional agent has their fingers on the pulse of the market and goes above and beyond to advocate for their clients.

But with so many online platforms available to scour for houses, connecting with a real estate agent can feel impersonal or time-consuming. Buyers and sellers are inundated with options and may end up picking the first one they see without properly vetting them. How can the best agents stand out?

This is where client feedback becomes invaluable. Real estate agents thrive on “word of mouth” business, and a positive testimonial from a former client is like gold. It’s common to see short blurbs on a realtor’s website with these reviews and testimonials, and these are must-reads for anyone seeking an agent—or a new agency where they can hang their hat.   

Why Client Testimonials Matter

Essentially, these blurbs that many people gloss over showcase an agent’s strengths and abilities from the perspective of someone who worked with them. Testimonials are not just for marketing purposes—for buyers and sellers, testimonials can build your trust and confidence in an agent even before meeting them. For real estate agents, showcasing your prior clients’ experiences can help you find new clients whose specific needs play to your strengths.

So whether you’re a prospective buyer or seller about to wade into the housing market or an agent eager to serve as a guide, testimonials are a win-win for everyone. Here are two things to keep in mind

Authenticity is Key 

The best testimonials are honest, real stories. The whole point is to show clients that an agent is great at what they do so that a client feels secure working with them. It does no one any good if the client feedback is insincere or, at worst, fake. That’s a surefire way for an agent to ruin their reputation. Don’t do it!

A page with only good reviews is not necessarily cause for scrutiny—it means that clients enjoyed their experience enough to share it! But it’s important to look beyond a 5-star rating to see why this agent is so highly rated. Did the client highlight their agent’s responsiveness or professionalism? Did the agent do something special for them? The “why” is where the agent’s strengths are highlighted.   

Trends tell the story 

After reading a string of testimonials, it should be pretty clear what makes a particular agent so great. Multiple callouts to traits like communication, organization, and professionalism mean that clients can expect those from their agent in their working relationship.  

Beyond this, more than one story that conveys how an agent worked well under pressure or on a short timeline, or how they advocated for an out-of-town client, gives a “big picture” impression. These unique details can help clients—especially those with unusual needs or arrangements—find the agent best for them

Mary Mentaberry: A Case Study in Excellence

Here at Dickson Realty, our agents know how important transparency and reassurance are when seeking out a real estate agent, and this is one of the many reasons our agents were named America’s best real estate professionals 

Few embody this more than Dickson Realty’s Mary Mentaberry, so to see effective client feedback in action, look no further. Her client testimonials check all the boxes for both clients and agents and here’s why:  

There are many testimonials displayed, in more than one place. 

Mary has testimonials interspersed throughout her website so that prospective clients encounter this positive feedback in multiple places. That way, in case someone skips the “reviews” page altogether, they can still get a glimpse of what makes Mary shine!  

The testimonials are authentic and real. 

Authenticity and sincerity are evident in each testimonial on Mary’s website. Her clients reference names, dates, and unique situations. A variety of client personalities and deal types are reflected in these testimonials, giving more credence to her broad range of experience.  

The testimonials are specific. 

When it comes to buying or selling, no two experiences are the same. Mary’s clients share specific stories and moments where she exceeded their expectations. For example, when a client of Mary’s was preparing to move to Reno from California, time was of the essence. Mary provided them with city maps, weather updates, and other vital information to make the most of their trips.  

They went on to say, “Throughout the process, we felt as if we were Mary’s only clients (although we know this wasn’t the case) as the level of personalization was unbelievable!” 

There are clear trends. 

It’s easy to see Mary’s “trends”: she’s knowledgeable and experienced; she’s responsive and communicative; she acts with integrity; she works quickly and efficiently without sacrificing quality; and she tailors her advice and support to each client. Plus, multiple testimonials highlighted how well she works with out-of-town clients, so those considering a move to Reno from another location know they would be in great hands working with Mary. 

When you’re ready to make your next move—whether that means buying, selling, or seeking a new stellar real estate team to join—let former client feedback guide your way.

Ready to buy or sell your home with confidence? Discover why our clients rave about their experiences. Visit our website and find the best real estate agent for you!