Ichthyosaur puppet creator Jerry Snyder stands within the ribcage of his Burning Man project in The Generator, a warehouse made for art in Sparks. (Tim Dunn/RGJ)

Burning Man has ignited Reno’s creativity. It’s helped people find their spirit and identity, as well as expanded the town’s sense of fashion and entertainment.

“It took me a lot of years to realize how magical this city is — Reno started to see the arts the way the great cities see the arts,” Schultz said. “I think it started to attract the people who didn’t want to be in the major cities. It attracted the people who had passion and ideas; the city speaks of weirdos, visionaries, outsiders and artists all being together in this cool, free, open city that allows you to define who you are,” said Matt Schultz, executive director of The Generator.

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