Have you ever experienced the thrill of an escape room? The heart-pounding race against the clock, the satisfaction of solving puzzles together, and the joy of emerging victorious as a team? For one Truckee family, this passion for escape rooms has blossomed into something bigger: Elevation Escape Tahoe, a brand new escape room experience set to open its doors in May 2024.

From Family Fun to Community Connection

“Our family has always been hooked on escape rooms,” says Aimee Schaller, co-founder of Elevation Escape Tahoe. “The excitement, teamwork, and pure fun of these challenges create an amazing bonding experience for us.” This love for escape rooms sparked a question: “What if we brought this kind of experience to Truckee?”

That question turned into action. The family spent months researching, planning, and designing rooms, all to create an unforgettable escape room adventure for the Truckee-Tahoe community.

Finding the Perfect Puzzle Piece

Finding the right location was a stroke of serendipity. In October, the old Paul Mitchell space between the Donner Pass Rd Shell Station and the Elementary School became available for lease. It ticked all the boxes: walking distance from the high school, central location with high visibility, and perfect for attracting both residents and tourists.

From Demolition to Dream

After pouring hundreds of hours into planning, design, logistics, and construction, Elevation Escape Tahoe is nearing its grand opening. With the lease secured, contractors hired, materials delivered, and a sleek website launched, the finish line is finally in sight.

With the first escape room sets arriving this week, anticipation is building. Elevation Escape Tahoe hopes to open its doors in May, offering Truckee and the surrounding Tahoe community a chance to experience the thrill of escape rooms.

A Thriving Community Awaits

Truckee offers a thriving business environment with a strong sense of community.  Elevation Escape Tahoe’s arrival is a testament to this vibrant atmosphere.

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