Public libraries are the heart of every community. Not just for book lovers, your local library offers videos, children’s programming, access to the internet, community resources, tutoring services, and much more. A library is a communal home, where everyone is welcome to gather and learn, or simply have a few moments of peace.

Having a local public library improves the community’s perceived quality of life. Businesses tend to rally around libraries, benefitting from a “halo spending” effect from library patrons. Even your local real estate market benefits from a library! According to the American Library Association, “homes within a quarter mile of a library are worth, on average, $9,360 more than homes more than a quarter mile from a library.”

Libraries have always been much more than somewhere to check out books. From community hubs and educational resources to special event hosts and more — the libraries in the Washoe County Library System are vibrant spaces where people come together to learn, connect, and grow.

Local Libraries as Community Hubs

Libraries are “third spaces” — communal areas outside of home and work where people can connect. While the local area is full of different third spaces, public libraries are one of the few remaining places where you aren’t expected to make any purchases. Libraries are unique areas where all people have access to resources, services, and community activities.

Reno Libraries

Perhaps the most well-known library in the area, the Downtown Reno Library was built in 1966. It features hundreds of plants, full-grown trees, and even a pond with a fountain to make the building as natural as possible. Centrally located, the library provides the downtown, midtown, and greater Reno communities with a variety of services like wireless internet, computers, DVDs, CDs, books, and more. Programming at the library ranges to meet a wide variety of social needs – from Dungeons and Dragons meetups and Paws 2 Read events to Family Story Time and Crafternoon.

Similarly located in Reno, the Northwest Reno Library sits high on the slope of Peavine Mountain. Built in June of 1999, the library offers resources, with a collection of 95,000 items in a variety of formats, and multi-generational programming to support lifelong learning. Unique to this venue, the Northwest Reno Library has an art gallery that hosts local, regional, and international artists. Programming is available every day for children, adults, and seniors alike.

The South Valleys Library in South Reno is one of the newer public libraries in the area, having been built in 2003. Surrounded by the foothills of Mount Rose, you can enjoy the scenery as you read, work, or engage with programming.

Sparks Library

The recently renovated Sparks Library is located in the heart of urban Sparks. With updated seating, public use computers, a Zoom room, and more, the library has completely redesigned its space to support the needs of Sparks residents. Programming, including story time, is available in both English and Spanish, and designed to provide a social outlet for people of all ages and interests.

Nearby, the Spanish Springs Library features a distinctive Native American design, a call to the area’s history. Unique to Spanish Springs, an ADA computer station with a braille keyboard and speech-to-text, magnification, and optical scanning software is available for public use. The cozy fireplace and unique art gallery make the library an inviting space for community meetings. Whether you want to learn how to code, craft, play games, or simply hear a story – programming is available nearly every day of the week.

The North Valleys Library, nearby to Sparks, has been open in its current location since 1988. It offers an expanded youth library, a wide variety of print materials (including a growing collection in Spanish), and much more. With many educational services and early literacy events, the North Valleys library is an ideal visit for home-schooled students.

Local Libraries as Educational Resources

No matter your age or background, the library has resources that can help further your lifelong learning. Beyond books of all topic varieties, libraries offer database access, engaging workshops, and other activities to support personal enrichment.

The University of Nevada, Reno’s Library System exemplifies the power of libraries as educational resources. The three libraries on campus offer an array of books, knowledge, and activities not only for students but for the public as well.

University of Nevada, Reno Library

Built in 2008, the IGT Knowledge Center houses the technology, collections, and experts you need to complete nearly any project. At the Knowledge Center, you can take advantage of hundreds of computer workstations, advanced lendable technology, quiet meeting rooms, collaborative workspaces, and collections to support your learning. This building also features the University’s Basque Library and Special Collections and University Archives.

The DeLaMare Science and Engineering Library is a technology-enabled environment, providing a unique Makerspace, the Mary B. Ansari Map Library, Data Analysis and Visualization, and GIS programs. The Makerspace offers rentable equipment for the fabrication of nearly any design, supporting tactile, hands-on learning efforts. Collections at this library support research and education in STEM fields.

The Savitt Medical Library serves as the library for the University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine, and was built in 1978. Holding a history of Medicine collection consisting of books, medical artifacts, and photographs, the library supports the medical community in Reno.

Enhance your lifestyle living near a library

Living near your local library gives you quick and convenient access to a wealth of resources that can enrich your life. Whether that’s your next read, research materials, a community event, or other support, the library can either provide you with it or provide you with additional community resources. Beyond the tangibles, living close to a library helps to foster a sense of community and belonging. Libraries are inclusive spaces that foster a sense of connection and friendship. Choosing to live near a library can enhance your quality of life, providing you with a higher overall sense of satisfaction.

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