Kathie BartlettAs a luxury real estate all-star, Kathie Bartlett is a born leader and truly demonstrates Dickson Realty’s commitment to creating extraordinary experiences for clients and community members in Northern Nevada. 

A Realtor at the Caughlin Ranch office, Kathie sold 17 units and about $22.2 million in residential volume production in 2020. Detail-oriented and persistent, Kathie’s spectacular personal and professional accomplishments are the result of determination and perseverance to serve the community. 

At Dickson Realty, we’re honored to have a team of more than 300 hardworking and talented professionals helping us achieve our mission of becoming the region’s best.  That’s why we’re asking our top performers to share some of their experiences and insights, thoughts on the future, and tips for helping us grow stronger together. 

How Kathie Bartlett Leads With Confidence

What drives you to achieve excellence?

From learning how to sew to working as a paralegal, I learned to pay attention to detail at an early age. I’ve always strived to get the best results for my clients, whether they’re sellers or buyers. I’m persistent and committed to ensuring my clients are happy with the results of a smooth real estate transaction. One of my greatest strengths is helping people navigate some of life’s more significant transitions.

What do you love about working with Dickson Realty?

I’m fortunate to work with some of the best people in the business. The Dickson team is full of experience and knowledge. I tend to attract rare transactions, but there is always someone to help guide me through it. Harvey and Nancy Fennell are incredibly community-minded. As a company, we’re constantly investing our time, leadership, and resources in the Northern Nevada region. I truly believe a healthy community ensures a healthy work environment. 

What’s your prediction for the Northern Nevada real estate market?

Local economists have said that current market trends are likely to continue because there’s not enough housing to accommodate the growing population. It’s a challenging time for buyers right now. So, I hope our housing supply can catch up.

How do you give back to our community?

I grew up around artists, so the arts have always been my passion. I’ve also engaged with education, health, and human services organizations. We are lucky to have so many impressive nonprofits in the region. For the last several years, I’ve served on the board of trustees at the Nevada Museum of Art, and I’m currently serving as chair of the Nominating and Collections Committees. I’ve also helped at the Community Foundation of Northern Nevada. We have a small scholarship program at Reno High School.

What’s a local insider tip you’d like to share with our readers? 

The Nevada Museum of Art is a must-see. I also recommend visiting the Stremmel Gallery, located in Midtown. Then, if you’re feeling in the mood for some amazing tacos and cocktails, you need to go to The Jesse in downtown Reno. I’d also like to highlight some of my favorite restaurant owners, including Gary and Kathy Stolo at Moxies and Sam and Diane Francovich at The Grill. They’ve been incredibly resourceful and thoughtful in taking care of their customers and employees during the pandemic. Our quality of life would undoubtedly diminish without them.

At Dickson Realty, our team of local experts is committed to making Northern Nevada a wonderful place to live. If you’d like to learn more about Kathie Bartlett, click here or visit our website