Members of senior leadership at Google met with the leadership team from Dickson Realty Inc., on March 24 to discuss how to incorporate the processes of innovation into the real estate industry.

Dickson Commercial Group Broker Tom Fennell, Dickson Realty Inc., Sales Manager Beau Keenan, Dickson Realty Inc., Director of Marketing Andrew Reel, Dickson Realty Inc., Truckee Sales Manager Kane Schaller, and Consultant Pam Hobday visited Google on behalf of the two real estate companies.  The Truckee Donner Chamber of Commerce and Ms. Hobday made the opportunity for this trip to meet senior leadership at Google possible.

The trip was intended to discover the processes of innovation from Google leadership and how to incorporate those methodologies into a growth and leadership strategy for a real estate company such as Dickson Realty Inc.  Legacy real estate companies are not typically regarded as laboratories of innovation, but leadership at Dickson Realty Inc., organized the trip to change that misconception.

“Experiencing the world of Google as a manager looking for new and fresh ideas was incredibly exciting,” Keenan said.  “Google is not only cutting edge in the world of technology but they are very forward thinking when it comes to creating a savvy corporate culture and maximizing the potential of their employees.”

“It was an amazing experience and opportunity to see how important the culture within an organization is,” Fennell said.  “It was great to put ourselves around people and an organization that is always thinking big picture on a global scale.”

“The experience at google was very motivational,” said Schaller. “While our organization has always been forward thinking, being at the epicenter of an organization that is changing the world gave us ideas that, I have no doubt, will fast forward our organization 10 years ahead of where we would otherwise be!”

Both Dickson Realty and Dickson Commercial Group have begun implementing the strategies for innovation learned while meeting with Google. One of the goals of the Dickson leadership team is to drive positive change in the industry and create the future for all real estate companies and their clients.