Looking for some fun hikes this summer? For a change, why not check out the guided hikes on Donner Summit?

Led by George Lamson and Linda Cashion, long time residents of Serene Lakes, the hikes will go along the Royal Gorge cross country ski trails, stopping at scenic warming huts. Three of the hikes (June 30, July 14 and August 4) are co-sponsored by the Truckee Donner Land Trust and are limited to 30 hikers so be sure to sign up with TDLT in advance.

Generally beginning at 9 am on Sunday mornings, with dates and places subject to change based on when and where wildflowers are blooming, everyone is welcome including kids and well-behaved dogs! (Do take note of the level of exertion for each hike.) It’s recommended hikers bring along insect repellent (especially for the early hikes), good comfortable hiking footwear, sun hat and sunscreen, water bottle.

Here is the tentative list of hikes:

June 16: Rowton Peak

The hike up to Rowton Peak starts at the Ice Lakes Lodge parking lot.  In previous years, hikers saw camus lilies in the meadow next to the Tiny Tim Trail.  On the climbing up to Rowton Peak, the geology of the summit area can be observed and at the top, hikers will be rewarded with stunning views of Serene Lakes and Royal Gorge.  On the way down, hikers will go past the Bogus Bain warming hut.

Exertion Level: Strenuous

June 30: Snow Mountain Warming Hut

This hike follows the Royal Gorge trails over Castle Pass to the Snow Mountain warming hut.  In past year, wildflowers abounded on the trail and hopefully will this year too.  Upon reaching the warming hut, there’s a terrific view of Snow Mountain and Devil’s Peak.  NOTE: Co-sponsored with Truckee Donner Land Trust.

Exertion level: Moderate

July 14: Lyle’s Lookout

An easy hike with not much change in elevation.  On the way to Lyle’s lookout, hikers should see a variety of wildflowers including tiger lilies and columbine.  The view from the lookout is gorgeous and at one point, Castle Peak can be viewed one direction and Devil’s Peak, the other.  NOTE: Co-sponsored with Truckee Donner Land Trust.

Exertion Level: Easy

July 21: Palisades Peak

Steep hike up to Palisades Peak warming hut where you’ll find groves of old growth forest.  The hike is worth the resulting views.

Exertion Level: Strenuous

August 4: Point Mariah

Great place from which to see Royal Gorge with views of Serena Creek gorge and lots of wildflowers on the way.  NOTE: Co-sponsored with Truckee Donner Land Trust.

Exertion Level: Moderate

August 18: Lower Cascade Lake

This hike will be in the area near Devil’s Peak.

Exertion Level: Strenuous

For more detailed information on the hiking schedule, click here.