New Yorkers have been given a reason to love their trash. Recently a public art project TRASH: anycoloryoulike, launched by the artist Adrian Kondratowicz, replaced traditional black trash bags with bright, colorful bags. Kondratowicz hopes that, in addition to making city streets look a little better, piles of flashy pink and white polka-dot garbage bags will get people thinking about how much they throw away.

The colourful (and biodegradeable) trashbags come in numerous colours, such as pink with white polka dots, blue with silver polka dots, glow in the dark, etc.  In an effort to draw attention to people and their trashy habit, the artist asked residents and businesses to sponsor their block by buying the trashbags for $10 each ($20 if you opted for the limited edition pink with gold polka dot bags) and decorate their block with piles of colourful garbage bags.

Over in Tokyo, Rabbit-kun aims to inspire a more responsible attitude toward waste by providing a cute and stylish way for people to carry their trash home after a day outdoors. Whether it’s a picnic in the park, a hike in the mountains, or a day at the beach — or any place without public trash cans — Rabbit-kun is charming enough that you might actually enjoy carting your garbage all the way home.

Another bag, which features a life-sized illustration (by Lily Franky) of trash-loving Oscar the Grouch, was designed in collaboration with Sesame Street as part of an environmental awareness campaign for children. For now, these bags are being distributed free of charge at select outdoor events, as well as to volunteer cleanup groups and schools.

To buy your own “any color you like” bags, go to the artists site at

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