At Dickson Realty, we’re proud to attract the best REALTORS in Reno and the greater Northern Nevada region. With a team of more than 300 hardworking professionals, we’re always proud when the area’s top REALTORS choose to join our team and mission to be Reno’s best real estate company.

So, we’re excited to welcome Brad Phillips, Katie Berman, Kirsten Gardner, Marissa Phillips, and Richard Berman to the Dickson family! These real estate experts continue to hone their craft, and we’re excited to share what makes them great at what they do.

Best Realtors In Reno - Brad Phillips and Marissa PhillipsBest REALTORS in Reno: Brad and Marissa Phillips

Together, Brad and Marissa are the Brad Phillips Group. Partners in life and business, these two have successfully represented buyers and sellers for many years. Brad is a retired firefighter from the United States Air Force, and Marissa has been in real estate since she was 15 years old. With proactive communication at the center of their practice, they know how to get the job done right.

Best REALTORS in Reno: Katie and Richard Berman Phillips

Best Realtors In Reno - Katie BermanBest Realtors In Reno - Richard BermanKatie and Richard are our second new husband and wife team. They have spent the majority of their lives in Northern Nevada and love everything the lifestyle has to offer. As outdoor enthusiasts, Katie and Richard enjoy sharing their favorite local places with clients and community members. Together, these professionals have devoted their lives to real estate and are committed to helping our community grow.

Best REALTORS in Reno: Kirsten Gardner

Best Realtors In Reno - Kirsten GardnerWith an extensive background in customer service, Kirsten knows what it takes to create memorable experiences for her clients. She was raised in Northern Nevada and has made many strong connections in the biggest little community. As a top producer in the state, Kirsten represents the best of the best.

5 of the Best REALTORS in Reno Talk About Their Paths to Success

How would you describe your connection to Northern Nevada?

Brad says: After leaving the Air Force in 1997, I visited my parents in Reno and immediately fell in love with it. I’ve been in Northern Nevada ever since. I feel a sense of connection to the people and the community here that I haven’t felt anywhere else.

Marissa says: Northern Nevada has always been my home. I loved it before it started evolving, and I still love it now. I attended elementary school through high school in Reno, and my family lives here. There’s no place I’d rather be.

Katie and Richard say: We have resided in this region for most of our lives and love everything it has to offer. Whether we’re hiking in the mountains, soaking in the hot springs, or relaxing on the beach, we’re always in the best of moods. There’s truly no other place in the world that is comparable.

Kirsten says: I grew up in Northern Nevada, and I’ve always loved it here. My family and I spent most of our time camping and playing sports outdoors. I’ve built many lifelong relationships with the people here, and they’ve been instrumental to my real estate career. I’m very thankful to have roots here.

What details about your personal or professional history would you like to share with our readers?

Katie and Richard say: Richard grew up in the industry. So, it was natural for him to find a career in real estate. His father was a loan officer, and his grandparents were real estate investors. They were very hands-on with remodeling their rental properties. Richard would often find himself hanging out under his dad’s desk or with a hammer and nails helping his grandparents as a child.

Kirsten says: I am very fortunate for finding success early on in my real estate career. During my first year, I received the “rookie of the year” award, and last year, I made it into the hall of fame at my previous brokerage. As a top producer in the state, I made it into the hall of fame faster than any other team member in the brokerage’s history.

Brad says: My dad has always been a big inspiration in my life. From growing up in an orphanage to getting his master’s degree to retiring as a captain from the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, I learned the importance of strong work ethics from him. With his example and my time served in the military, I realized that—if you want to be successful—you have to give it your all, no matter what.

Marissa says: I’m not kidding when I say that I’ve always been interested in real estate. I remember wanting to look at model homes when my parents would ask me what I wanted to do as a kid. Although it wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea, it was my idea of fun. I started my first job when I was 15 years old as a part-time receptionist for a local brokerage in town, and I eventually transitioned to online schooling to work full-time there. I’ve been in the real estate industry ever since.

Why did you choose to work with Dickson Realty?

Kirsten says: I was looking for a fresh start, and Dickson offered the new energy and culture that I needed. Dickson’s management team has made me feel comfortable with the transition from the very beginning. I am beyond grateful to be a part of the Dickson family, and I’m looking forward to growing with some of the best REALTORS in Reno.

Marissa says: Brad helped influence me because I tend to avoid change. But together, we decided that we could grow with the support of a strong company such as Dickson. They have an incredible management team and resources to help us take our career to the next level. We had the passion and work ethic, but Dickson was our one missing piece.

Brad says: Marissa and I were with our previous brokerage for many years. We were comfortable there and didn’t want to give up the feelings of home. However, after talking with friends in the industry, we realized that Dickson offered that and more. The benefits outweighed our concerns, and the decision became obvious. If I had known about Dickson’s welcoming environment before, it would have been a no-brainer, and so far, it has been the biggest blessing for us.

Katie and Richard say: We chose to work with Dickson Realty because we could envision a long and prosperous future there. We appreciate the endless years of knowledge and experience the brokers and management possess. It’s comforting to know that we have support to help us help our clients.

How do you give back to the community?

Brad says: Professionally, Marissa and I support the Kid’s Kottage and Big Brothers and Sisters of America. On a more personal level, the Reno Rodeo Foundation is very close to our hearts. When Marissa and I met, we both had two children and went through the adoption process together to become a blended family. Adoption isn’t the easiest to navigate, and the foundation helped make the transition go smoothly. We’re so grateful for their support and look forward to working with them in the future.

Marissa says: As Brad said, the Reno Rodeo Foundation is incredible, and we appreciate what they do for the children in our community. Adoption is a big deal, even if it’s within your family, and our kids have received books, teddy bears, and other fun items from the foundation. They also provide clothing, financial support, school supplies, and more to children rescued from abusive homes. So, if you’re looking for an organization to support, we highly recommend them.

Katie and Richard say: We give back to the community in several ways, but the biggest is Richard’s involvement with the Reno Rodeo. He helps out with their charity events throughout the year. Katie is also involved with the Junior League of Reno, an organization improving the quality of life for women and children in our community.

Kirsten says: I have been involved with and support several local charities such as High Fives Foundation, SPCA of Northern Nevada, Eddy House, Moms on the Run, and the Children’s Miracle Network. I also volunteer at Jessie Beck Elementary School.

What’s a local insider tip you’d like to share with our readers?

Katie and Richard say: If you’re looking for a unique nature experience, then take a bag of sunflower seeds to Chickadee Ridge. Follow the trail signs, and when you’re well into the forest, grab a handful of seeds, hold your hands out, and wait. The chickadees will fly over and eat from your hands. It’s truly magical. For some of our local restaurants, we recommend Waldens Coffeehouse for breakfast. Their avocado toast and cinnamon rolls are amazing. Then, for lunch, we recommend SUP. You won’t be disappointed with their crab and shrimp salad or their broccoli cheddar soup. The Grill at Quail Corners is our favorite dinner place. You can order anything from the menu, and it will be delicious.

Kirsten says: Pola Poke Bowls and Homegrown Gastropub are my favorite restaurants in Midtown. I also recommend attending Burning Man at least once. It’s an incredible event, and it’s impossible to understand without setting foot in Black Rock City.

Brad says: I grew up in Southern California, close to the border, and ate Mexican food all the time. I’m a big fan, and my favorite restaurant is Tacos El Rey. There are several locations in the Reno/Sparks area.

Marissa says: Studmuffin Pastries has to die for macaroons (I literally want to be buried with them). The owner, Liz Packer, is one of the most talented bakers around, and she’s incredibly accommodating. She has catered several events for us, and all of her pastries have been phenomenal.

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