For the last decade, Justin Hertz has been serving the Northern Nevada community with his in-depth real estate knowledge, expertise, and commitment to customer service. 

Justin and his wife, Mindy, are REALTORS at Dickson Realty’s Damonte Ranch office. Together, The Hertz Team focuses on building long-lasting relationships and experiences for their clients and community members. From personal to professional accomplishments, their efforts have been nothing short of spectacular. In 2020, he sold 70 housing units and about $40.7 million in residential volume production. 

At Dickson Realty, we’re honored to have a team of more than 300 hardworking and talented professionals helping us achieve our mission of becoming the region’s best.  That’s why we’re asking our top performers to share some of their experiences and insights, thoughts on the future, and tips for helping us grow stronger together. 

Justin Hertz Talks About The Importance Of Setting Goals 

What drives you to achieve excellence?

I’ve learned to be very proactive in the way I do business. Instead of going from transaction to transaction and client to client, I’m always looking at the bigger picture. We’re in a relationship-driven business, so it’s essential to be completely organic. I’m a very goal-oriented person, and I don’t accept the bare minimum. Every year, my wife and I set a goal to do better than the previous year. We want our 12-year-old daughter to learn the importance of setting goals and having a strong work ethic. 

What do you love about working with Dickson Realty?

Dickson Realty is an exceptional brokerage from the top-down. Beau Keenan’s leadership and dedication to the industry was a primary motivator when I decided to join the team. He’s a fantastic broker and friend. I have always enjoyed playing with the best of the best, and Dickson has some of the best real estate agents in the business. 

What’s your prediction for the Northern Nevada real estate market?

The market is already proving to be strong this year. However, it’s going to be more difficult from the buyer’s perspective because it’s a very competitive market. We have an extreme lack of inventory and strong demand from people coming from California and other states. Reno is becoming more tech-driven and less casino-oriented, which will further influence people moving here in search of a better quality of life and lower living costs. 

How do you give back to our community?

My wife and I donate to various charities throughout the year. So, it changes based on whatever we’re inspired by and where it’s needed most. We also made it a point to support small businesses during the pandemic, especially the restaurant industry. I believe giving back is all about being flexible. 

What’s a local insider tip you’d like to share with our readers? 

We moved here for a better quality of life, and so far, Reno has been a wonderful place to raise our daughter. It has excellent outdoor activities including unlimited mountain biking and hiking trails. Thomas Creek and Whites Creek are both great options for hiking. We also have two border collie dogs, and I try to take them on three to four-mile walks every day around our neighborhood. 

At Dickson Realty, our team of local experts is committed to making Northern Nevada a wonderful place to live. If you’d like to learn more about Justin Hertz, click here or visit our website