Dickson Realty agents Monica Gore and David Hughes were featured in a recent article about Reno’s improving housing market on The Street, one of the leading digital financial media companies.

Gore and Hughes provided their insights about the direction of the Reno housing market and their thoughts about what it means for the future of the region.

“We have these executives from the tech sector buying homes [in Reno],” said Gore, who specializes in luxury real estate. “You’re really going to see the Tesla effect over the next five years.”

“We’re just an hour from Lake Tahoe and three hours from the Bay Area – this is a hidden gem,” said David Hughes, a local estate agent who has been selling homes in the area for 31 years. “We’re getting some big eyes on Reno. We’re not just talking about Tesla, it’s other companies as well.”

We are proud of our Dickson Realty real estate experts and the valuable insights they continue to share with those interested in learning the most up-to-date housing market trends.

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