If you’re looking to improve your home with sustainable building materials, consider giving new life to existing secondhand features. In addition to saving you some green, reusing reclaimed building elements like doors, windows, plumbing fixtures, and wood flooring can add character, quality, and value to your home.

Remodeling with secondhand building materials has many fans. Some are owners of historic houses, which are quite plentiful in Northern Nevada, who improve their homes by adding period elements. Others follow green building practices and appreciate conserving resources and keeping materials out of landfills. And still others are looking for quirky elements that will break their homes out of cookie-cutter molds.

Go Green and Save Green Too

Build Reuse, the premier national organization that advocates the recovery, reuse, and recycling of building materials in the United States, believes that an investment in material reuse is one of the wisest moves that a homeowner or a community can make.

This is because material reuse is a sustainable practice that not only reduces waste but also saves resources and energy by extending the life of building materials that would otherwise end up in landfills. Additionally, material reuse can create job opportunities, stimulate local economies, and improve the overall quality of life for communities. By choosing to invest in material reuse, homeowners can make a positive impact on the environment and society.

How to Find Sustainable Building Materials to Reuse in Reno and Beyond

Using recycled building elements is a bit of a treasure hunt—finding the right vintage wood mantelpiece or a set of Victorian doors requires commitment and preparation.

Before beginning your search, make sure you’ve got measurements in hand. It’s useful if you can allow for some wiggle room: unlike big home improvement stores, the items on sale are usually one-of-a-kind pieces. So, while a recent truckload might have dropped off a beautiful old mantelpiece, the size might not be an exact fit; know in advance if you can manage with a slightly larger or smaller size.

There’s no substitute for regularly showing up in person at different Sparks and Reno sustainable building shops to check out what’s available. The same is true if you’re exploring online: locating the right piece may take patience and perseverance.

Here are a few places in the larger Reno, Sparks, and Lake Tahoe regions where you can find existing materials to reuse and upcycle in your next project.

The Truckee Meadows Habitat for Humanity ReStore is the perfect place to find recycled, remodeling, and building supplies while supporting the construction of Habitat for Humanity homes in Washoe County. They are located at 530 Greenbrae Drive in Sparks and offer a wide range of sustainable materials such as doors, toilets, locks, windows, lighting fixtures, cabinets, and hardware. Stay updated with their latest additions by checking out their Facebook and Instagram pages, listing everything from brand-name appliances to smart devices and roofing tiles. By purchasing donated items, you are helping Habitat for Humanity in its mission to partner with local families and build, rehabilitate, and repair safe and affordable homes in our community and throughout the world.


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Also located in Sparks, L & L Reclaimed Wood provides high-quality reclaimed wood to customers in Northern Nevada, Lake Tahoe, Mammoth, and the Bay Area. Founded in 2013 with its partner company, J & S Custom Homes, the company hand-picks materials to ensure customers receive distinctly different materials from anything else on the market. L & L has worked on notable projects like Lot 1 of Martis Camp in Lake Tahoe and numerous businesses and commercial spaces. The company has an in-person showroom and an online shopping marketplace as well.

If you’re on the lookout for some luxurious and antique finds, then head over to Tahoe Basin Reclamation, located in downtown Reno. This store is a treasure trove of unique and one-of-a-kind items. Locally owned, the store was founded on the idea of repurposing furniture and building materials to reduce waste. You’ll find a wide variety of items here, ranging from vintage chandeliers, antique mirrors, and ornate tables to reclaimed wood flooring, doors, and windows.

Stay Persistent in Your Search for Sustainable Building Materials

If you’re looking for sustainable building materials made from recycled materials, it’s important to have a clear idea of what you need before you start shopping. First, think about the materials you require and do some online research to find out what options are available. Look for reliable sources that provide detailed information on the types of materials you want, their quality, and any relevant certifications or ratings. This research will help you make informed decisions and ensure that you choose materials that meet your specific needs and budget.

Additionally, consider contacting local suppliers or recycling centers to see if they have any materials that meet your requirements. By taking the time to do your research, you can simplify the process of finding sustainable building materials. The legwork of finding pieces that are good for the earth, your home, and your wallet can take persistence and patience. However, the results can be well worth it!

Parts of this article originally appeared on Houselogic.com.

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