There’s no shortage of weather changes in Northern Nevada. Its why locals are fond of saying, “Don’t like the weather here? Wait 10 minutes and it will change.” Whether you’re needing to heat up your house or cool it down — or sometimes both in one day — it’s essential that your heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are up to the task.

When you’re on top of your heating and cooling system maintenance, you’re saving yourself the headache of breakdowns or worse, stressing your systems and increasing the need for replacements. Not only is this a costly oversight, but it ensures your home remains safe, functional, and problem-free. Explore our HVAC maintenance guide for seasonal tune-up and cost-saving tips and help ensure your home upkeep extends beyond its curb appeal.

HVAC Preventative Maintenance Checklist

Have you seen a spike in your electric bill? Maybe you’ve noticed you’re sneezing and coughing more when you run your heater? These could be signs it’s time for an HVAC system tune-up.  In general, a pre-season HVAC system maintenance is recommended twice a year — looking at A/C system in the spring and heating in the fall. It can help ensure you’re ready for the hottest and coldest seasons and proactively assessing any updates that may be needed.

Explore our seasonal HVAC tune-up and maintenance tips to help you plan your upcoming needs.

Spring and Summer Seasonal Tips

As the daylight hours grow and trees begin budding, it’s time to also begin thinking of your seasonal HVAC system maintenance. It will be essential to cool off during the summer heat waves, so tuning-up your A/C system is crucial. Learn more about HVAC system maintenance in the tips below.

  • Assess winter’s harsh impact: Taking inventory of what winter left behind is a good rule of thumb annually. HVAC system maintenance should focus on repairs created during the winter’s snowfall as well as any other tune-ups that may be necessary.
  • Plan ahead: As soon as the weather gets warmer, people start thinking about their A/C needs. To help you stay ahead of the service appointment influx, contact an HVAC system maintenance team before the sweltering weather arrives. It’s ideal to make an appointment once the snow ceases for the year.
  • Make a list: It helps to be prepared for your appointment and making a list is one way to do that. Did you notice any sounds coming from your A/C system last year? Were there any concerns you had when running your unit? Do you have any concerns about your overall house cooling? These considerations and questions can ensure that you help prepare your service technician during your appointment.

What to expect during your spring and summer HVAC maintenance appointment:

Your HVAC tune-up typically includes a variety of checks and tests. These help your service technician understand your system and can ensure they look at specific components during your maintenance. In general, they will conduct the following checks:

  • Check thermostat, filters, contactor and condensate lines, and inspect disconnects
  • Test capacitors and operation
  • Clean/tighten electrical connections and test safety and limit switches
  • Check refrigerant levels and system pressure
  • Check overall function, wear and tear of the system

Fall and Winter Seasonal Tips

When the fall colors start to showcase their splendor, it’s a reminder to begin thinking of winterizing your home, irrigations system and scheduling your annual HVAC maintenance. Learn more about HVAC system maintenance in the tips below.

  • Change out filters: Many homes have a furnace as their main heating system, which rely on an air intake system. In general, this system has a filter which keeps dust and other particles out of your furnace. It’s essential that you swap out your filters regularly, especially if you use it frequently. It will help keep your furnace operating properly and will ensure your air quality is cleaner.
  • Choose a lower or medium-level filter: It’s easy to think high-level MERV (minimum efficiency reporting value) filter is the top of the line and must be best for your system. However, you could be damaging your system with a filter that doesn’t provide enough airflow. Reserve the high MERV filters for allergy season but then use the lower levels the rest of the year.
  • Prepare for your appointment: Before your technician arrives, creating a list of observations and questions can help ensure you have all aspects of your system examined. Were there any odd sounds or functions you noticed from last winter? Did you struggle to keep certain rooms warm? Did your furnace appear to work properly?

What to expect during your fall and winter HVAC maintenance appointment:

During your annual HVAC maintenance appointment, your service technician will look over your furnace, vents and some ducts. They will test components to ensure its functioning properly. In general, they will conduct the following checks:

  • Check thermostat and filters
  • Clean furnace blower
  • Inspect flame sensor and pilot system
  • Test capacitors and operations, safety and limit switches
  • Clean/tighten electrical connections
  • Clean the burners
  • Check the heat exchanger

Saving Money with an HVAC Maintenance Plan

It’s easy to think house upkeep adds up. However, HVAC maintenance tends to be an affordable household spend — typically, about $150 to $300. Additionally, it’s easy to save money with an HVAC maintenance plan offered by service providers. This generally offers discounts or free tune-ups annually.

For example, American Home Shield offers three membership plans that provide discounted HVAC tune-ups, starting at $100, although some plans offer an annual free tune-up. Additionally, their plans will help cover the costs of repairs that may be needed for cooling and heating systems, electrical systems, plumbing lines, and accessories.

Some of their plans may also cover up to $2,000 to $4,000 for appliance repair or replacement, up to $1,000 for roof leak repairs and unlimited A/C refrigerant.

In general, HVAC cleaning costs and maintenance are a fraction of the thousands it could cost should your systems need replacement. Participating in an HVAC maintenance plan ensures that you save money on potential repair costs, and you arrange for your seasonal annual systems maintenance.

Our HVAC maintenance guide is just one way to keep up on your home’s upkeep. Contact us at Dickson Realty to learn more about maintaining your home’s value and ensuring your living space remains perfect, no matter the weather.