Midtown Reno is a vibrant community hub with 150 businesses in the area and some of the best food, art, and bars Reno has on offer. A few blocks south of the Truckee River, Midtown has undergone dramatic changes in the last decade.

Construction completed in 2020 transformed Midtown, creating wider sidewalks, expanded lighting, more event space, and accessible public transit. Now one of Reno’s most walkable neighborhoods, Midtown has a little something to offer everybody.

Midtown Reno Neighborhood Guide

One of the main benefits of life in Midtown is the ability to walk to the amazing restaurants, bars, and shopping in Reno. Within a few blocks, there are dozens of incredible places to stop for a night out, or any other adventure you’re trying to have.

Midtown Reno Restaurants

Foodies of Reno – Midtown is your home. The many different restaurant options in Midtown make it a great place to plan a night on the town. No matter what you’re in the mood for, you’ll be able to find it on the streets of Midtown.

The Sticks shopping center in Midtown is also a hub of great restaurants, including a fan-favorite spot for weekend brunch, Two Chicks. Looking for something a little spicier? Mari Chuy’s, specializing in Mexican food, and Cafe de Thai, a Thai food restaurant, are also conveniently located there. Just across the street, you’ll find the weekday lunch hotspots Süp, Laughing Planet, and Grateful Gardens.

If you’re looking for something a little more unique, Korean Fusion restaurant, Arario, is just one block down the street. It sits on the second floor of the building at 777 S Center Street, which also houses Noble Pie Parlor,  specializing in artisan pizza.

Want more options? Browse through all of the restaurants Midtown has to offer. You won’t be disappointed!

Midtown Reno Bars

Whether you’re trying to join the Saturday night festivities or you’re looking for a place to enjoy happy hour with your friends after work, the Midtown bars deliver. Unlike the restaurants in Midtown, the bars aren’t concentrated in any one area, but they’re all within a reasonable walking distance.

If you’re creating your own bar hop, make sure to add on some of the unique cocktail bars Midtown has on offer, like The Emerson or Death & Taxes. If a great selection of beer is more your speed, check out Piñon Bottle Company or Chapel Tavern.

The proximity of Midtown to Downton Reno is perfect for your weekend night out. Meet up with your friends at a Midtown restaurant, start the night off at one of the cocktail bars, and then walk down to The Row in Downtown to dance the night away.

Midtown Reno Shopping

Looking for a unique gift for that friend that has everything? Or maybe you want to treat yourself to some new clothes? Midtown is full of unique retail stores dedicated to music, art, clothing, and more. More than 20 locally-owned stores wait for you with everything from unique curiosities at Natural Selection to outfits for your next night out at Nomad Boutique or Sierra Belle.

Midtown Reno Art

Reno has a vibrant art scene. Midtown specifically is home to more than 70 murals painted by local, national, and even international artists. If you’re an art lover, grab your camera and head out to photograph as many of the murals as you can!

Midtown is also home to the Nevada Museum of Art, and many of the Artown events that happen during the month of July.

Midtown Reno Health & Wellness Services

With unique fitness classes, massage studios, and skincare stores, midtown has a wealth of offerings to support your physical and mental wellbeing. Get a relaxing massage and oxygen therapy at Breathe Bar, or overhaul your current skincare regimen at Prude and Boujee. If you’re looking to get active, you can do everything from yoga to boxing in the fitness studios around midtown. With the neighborhood being so walkable, you can get your steps in on your way to and from your fitness class without overworking yourself.

Reno’s Most Walkable Neighborhood

Midtown has everything you could want out of a new home—and it’s all accessible on foot.  If you’re looking for a new place to call home, and you want to be out with the action of the city, Midtown is a great option for you. With the unique dining, shopping, and entertainment Midtown has to offer, you’re sure to never be bored and always be able to reach your destination.

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