At Dickson Realty, we’ve embraced the digital age in real estate with open arms. Digital house tours, online property showings, and virtual staging are paving the way forward in our industry, offering unique alternatives to traditional in-person experiences.

Through our digital house tours, we showcase the most enticing features of our properties. These tours utilize 3D technology and enhanced, high-quality images of styled rooms to spotlight the property in the most favorable light. However, it’s worth noting that these tours may not fully capture the real dimensions of the home or its exact location within the neighborhood.

Setup your home to sell

As a seller, remember that while virtual tours highlight your property’s best features, they often don’t express the full picture. Buyers are usually aware of this and may be cautious. Therefore, it’s vital to ensure your home looks as good in person as it does on the screen. This extends not just to the aesthetic appeal of your home but also its structural integrity. Be candid and transparent about any issues to avoid disappointed buyers and potential deal breakouts.

Virtual selling gives potential buyers a sense of what their future home could look like. Whether you opt for a completely digital approach or a hybrid method that combines existing furniture with virtual elements, aim for a realistic, welcoming environment that will resonate with potential buyers.

Remember, while technology has provided exciting new avenues for showcasing your home, nothing replaces honesty, clarity and presenting a well-maintained home. Whether virtually or physically, you’re not just selling a house but a potential home for someone.

Virtual Home Showings

This is where our online property showings come into play. We provide a more detailed and realistic view of the property using various platforms and technology. This allows potential buyers to ask targeted questions in real-time. We will uphold the philosophy of Dickson Realty to earn the trust of our clients by providing extraordinary service and results.

Each of our agents has a variety of tools at their disposal to visually enhance the property. Sometimes, we choose to digitally add furniture to property photos, while other times we opt for a fusion approach where a professional stager guides the rearrangement of existing furniture.

Before making any decisions, it’s crucial for potential buyers to understand whether the images displayed during the digital tours or online showings are of actual rooms or digitally enhanced ones.

Hybrid approach

While virtual real estate shopping has become a hot trend, we believe in a blended approach. We encourage buyers to explore and narrow down their options through our digital tours before making the time to visit a few select properties in person.

Think of it this way – you wouldn’t pop the big question to someone just by seeing their profile picture on, right? Similarly, it’s a good idea not to jump into making an offer on a place from just a virtual tour. Use that online peek as a first step to figure out if you’re interested, and then go for an in-person visit or a real-time virtual showing to get the full picture.

The hybrid approach may end up being more efficient for buyers. If you ask questions and use virtual viewings to see flaws, features, and potential, you may speed up the process – and still end up with a great house.

Remember, at Dickson Realty, we’re not just adapting to a new normal – we’re shaping the future of real estate, one digital tour at a time.

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