The real estate market nationwide is trending toward normal. Nationwide, the number of new pending contracts has increased to 69,000 in the first quarter of 2023 – a year-over-year increase of 1.3%. The market is shifting – inventory levels are diminishing, and demand is rising. Experts agree that the market is seeing an uptick as we head into the spring of 2023.

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Carson Real Estate Market Trends

  • Rounding out the first quarter, March saw a median home sale price of $494,500 in Carson and the surrounding area. This is a decrease from February’s median home price of $522,500, and an 8% decrease year-over-year.
  • Locally, 58 homes sold in March. Year-over-year, this is a 42% decrease of homes sold for the month. However, year-to-date, 107 houses have been sold in Carson and the surrounding areas, with a median sale price of $520,000 in the greater Carson area and $497,250 for Carson specifically.
  • The number of new contracts and new listings increased in March, with a total of 99 new contracts and 73 new listings. Both are increased from February, 15% and 13% respectively. These numbers are far below 2022 contract and listing numbers, indicating that inventory on the market is significantly low.
  • The greater Carson area currently has 160 active listings in the real estate market – a 14% increase year-over-year, but a 16% decrease month-over-month.
  • The average gap between list price and sales price is starting to shorten. The market is starting to see multiple offers on houses, dependent on location and a variety of other factors. The current sold price averages to be 98% of the asking price, which is an increase from the 96% of asking price that we saw in February.
  • March saw a decrease in average days to contract for homes on the market as well. In February, the average time that a house would sit on the market was 47 days, in March it was down to just 29 days. While that is a 314% increase over March of 2022 – which had an average of 7 days – it does indicate that demand is increasing for the Carson real estate market.

National Real Estate Market Trends

  • The number of pending contracts has increased in the first quarter of 2023. There was a steep decline in pending contracts in the last quarter of 2022, so this uptick is indicative of an upward-trending market.
  • New pending contracts – contracts that are less than 7 days old – also significantly increased on the national level in quarter one. At the end of February this year, there were 69,000 new pending contracts. That’s a 1.3% increase year-over-year, indicative of increasing buyer demand.
  • As demand for homes has increased in the first quarter of 2023, national inventory levels have decreased. More potential buyers are purchasing inventory that is currently on the market, which is a positive sign for this year’s real estate market.