During our annual Economic Summit, Dickson Realty recognized some of Northern Nevada’s best real estate agents and staff members who are part of our team.

In 2021, we grew tremendously and welcomed more than 50 REALTORS to our team. Other agents have been part of our family for decades. But regardless of whether these professionals are new to our team or not, we all have one thing in common—the desire to serve and support our community. 

We want to celebrate these individuals and teams today and every day for walking our walk and talking our talk in a fast-paced and demand-driven market. Together, we’re giving back, moving forward, and caring for our community. 

Highlighting Dickson’s Best Real Estate Agents And Staff

We may be a bit biased for saying so, but Dickson Realty has the best real estate agents and staff to help you buy or sell property in Northern Nevada and Northern California’s Truckee-Tahoe markets. To find out more about these top-selling and top-performing powerhouses, keep reading. 

Top Producing Teams

Top Teams - All - Best Real Estate Agents Northern NevadaWe started our awards ceremony by acknowledging our top three performing teams in Northern Nevada, Las Vegas, and California, who demonstrated the true power of collaboration in 2021. Collectively, these professionals sold more than $300 million in real estate while creating impactful and memorable experiences for clients. It’s partnerships like these that remind us that excellence is better achieved together. 


  1. Sullivan, Neal, & Gore at Montreux
  2. Allison Real Estate Group at Caughlin Ranch/Las Vegas


  1. KJM at Truckee

Top Individual Agents 

Top Agents - All - Best Real Estate Agents Northern Nevada

These top agents set the bar high in 2021, with each selling more than $20 million in residential real estate. With problem-solving and client-focused mindsets, these professionals fearlessly navigated the housing market and set new industry standards. They are dedicated to helping buyers and sellers achieve their life goals through real estate and live the Northern Nevada lifestyle. 

  1. Joe Wieczorek at Downtown
  2. Don Dees at Caughlin Ranch 
  3. Lori Welsh at Caughlin Ranch 
  4. Diana Renfroe at Caughlin Ranch 
  5. Kylie Keenan at Caughlin Ranch 
  6. Justin Hertz at Damonte Ranch 
  7. David Hughes at Caughlin Ranch 
  8. Carol Bond at Caughlin Ranch 
  9. Felisa Cusimano-Martin at Sparks
  10. Rebecca Dickson at Caughlin Ranch 
  11. Kathie Bartlett at Caughlin Ranch 
  12. Tess Best at Caughlin Ranch
  13. J.P. Menante at Downtown
  14. Kirsten Gardner at Downtown
  15. Jenna White at Sparks
  16. Devin Scruggs at Caughlin Ranch
  17. M.C. Pierson at Caughlin Ranch
  18. Marilyn Minor at Caughlin Ranch
  19. Richard Berman at Damonte Ranch 

Elite Agents 

Elite Agents - All - Best Real Estate Agents Northern Nevada

2021 was another record-setting year as we had more REALTORS than ever before in the Northern Nevada and Truckee/Tahoe region who sold $10 to $20 million in real estate. Being an expert in the real estate industry requires a deep understanding of their clients’ needs and wants, the communities and neighborhoods we serve, contract negotiation and terms, plus so much more. That’s why we recognized these dedicated and talented neighborhood experts for their perseverance and determination. 

  1. Lisa Harrison at Caughlin Ranch 
  2. Chris Whitney at Damonte Ranch 
  3. Jay Kenny at Caughlin Ranch 
  4. Brad Phillips at Somersett
  5. Amanda Gunter at Caughlin Ranch 
  6. Anna Grahn-Nilsson at Truckee
  7. Beth Cooney at Sparks 
  8. Christy Klingler at Sparks 
  9. J.D. Drakulich at Downtown
  10. Dan Smith at Sparks
  11. Brandy Casey at Caughlin Ranch
  12. Savannah Beauchemin at Damonte Ranch
  13. Kathy Leggett at Caughlin Ranch 
  14. Jo Ann Burke at Caughlin Ranch 
  15. Sarah Hughes at Caughlin Ranch 
  16. Robin Choi at Sparks 
  17. Jennifer Gomez at Truckee
  18. Diane Macdonald at Caughlin Ranch
  19. Brie Forrester at Downtown
  20. Michael Givens at Downtown
  21. Jeff Sallan at Caughlin Ranch
  22. Greta Mestre at Damonte Ranch
  23. Samantha Reveley at Downtown
  24. Rose Teddy at Damonte Ranch 
  25. Cathy Hamel at Caughlin Ranch 
  26. Chris Galli at Downtown 
  27. Darlene Sharpe at Damonte Ranch 
  28. Beth Nitz at Damonte Ranch 
  29. Amy Phillips at Sparks 
  30. Valerie Brinker at Truckee
  31. Colleen Barrett at Damonte Ranch 
  32. Bonnie Jessee at Portola 
  33. Mary Mentaberry at Caughlin Ranch 
  34. Doug Schroeder at Truckee
  35. Kayla Dalton at Sparks 
  36. Tori King at Damonte Ranch 
  37. Barb Wilkinson at Truckee
  38. Maruf Akhter 
  39. Rory Hickok at Caughlin Ranch 
  40. Ronda Shaw at Truckee
  41. Amy Shocket at Sparks 
  42. Chris Barnes at Sparks 
  43. Jeffrey Loftin at Sparks 

Rookie Of The Year Award: Winson Chapman At Caughlin Ranch 

Winston Chapman recently joined the industry and sold more in 2021 than many veteran real estate agents. With countless positive reviews from clients and team members, it is clear that Winston can communicate clearly and accurately about the process of buying and selling a home in Northern Nevada. He is wise beyond his years, and that’s why he received our Rookie of the Year Award.  

Positive Social Impact Award: J.D. Drakulich At Downtown Reno

In 2021, Dickson Realty welcomed REALTOR and fellow community enthusiast J.D. Drakulich to our family. As a fourth-generation Nevadan, J.D. was born and raised in Reno and is known for his generous spirit and driven work ethic. Not only does he help clients achieve their dreams of homeownership, but he also provides exceptional service to community members in need.

J.D. is the Board President for Eddy House, a nonprofit organization that provides resources and services to homeless and at-risk youth in Northern Nevada. To further expand his reach, he ran for Reno City Council in 2020 and dedicated his campaign to help solve this issue. J.D. also serves as a City of Reno Planning Commissioner and oversees long-term physical development issues such as natural resources, economics, housing, population, land use, and zoning. All this and more is why we are proud of him for making a difference in our community. 

Industry Excellence Award: Lisa Harrison At Caughlin Ranch

Lisa Harrison is the definition of a natural-born leader who donates a significant amount of time to helping our association and community grow to its full potential. Over the last five years, we have watched her become one of the best real estate agents in the Northern Nevada region. Lisa truly puts her heart and soul into every home sale, which helped her to achieve $20 million in sales volume in 2021. As a mentor and a friend, Lisa brings an immeasurable amount of excellence to our industry. 

Affiliate Impact Award - Best Real Estate Agents Northern NevadaAffiliate Impact Award: Stephanie Hanna at Synergy Home Mortgage-Caughlin Ranch

This new award recognizes the partners working with Dickson agents who have the same goals and desires to help clients buy and sell their dream homes. As the first-ever recipient, Stephanie Hanna was in the top 10 out of 300 loan officers for Newrez and helped about 200 buyers by lending more than $72 million in loan volume in 2021. 

Employees of The Year Award: Marketing & Tech Team

Employees of The Year Award - Best Real Estate Agents Northern Nevada

Andrew Reel, Mark Farthing, and Olivier Curial de Brevannes are the heart of our marketing department and the glue that holds our marketing, technology, and communication efforts together. In 2021, they worked tirelessly to launch many internal and external products, including the Dickson Resource Center for the benefit of all agents. They have also helped plan and execute our new and improved brand initiatives, recruiting strategies, digital platforms, market updates, and security systems. Together, these three have helped elevate Dickson Realty to a whole new level of success. 

Legacy Award

Legacy Award - Best Real Estate Agents Northern Nevada

Dickson Realty has been the source of real estate knowledge in Northern Nevada and Northeastern California for nearly five decades. Many of our top real estate agents have been with us for more than 20 years, including the three we recognized this year. Much of our success comes from their dedication to serving our community. We’re proud to celebrate their accomplishments as respected individuals and friends. 

We’re proud to have Northern Nevada’s best real estate agents on our team, who make a difference in our community every day. If you’d like to congratulate or connect with them, click here, or share this post on your favorite social media site, and tag Dickson Realty.