While your newsfeed may be filled with difficult stories right now, here’s a bright spot: the Virginia Street Project road work in Midtown Reno may be complete faster than projected.

“In response to recent events pertaining to Governor Sisolak’s mandate for business closures, the Regional Transportation Commission of Washoe County and Sierra Nevada Construction now have the opportunity to accelerate construction operations on Virginia Street,” the RTC reported.

Fast-track due to businesses, RTC, SNC working together

Photo Courtesy of Larry DeVincenzi, owner of Rum Sugar Lime

The Project Team received inquiries from business owners asking if accelerating construction during this time was a possibility.

Business owners expressed strong support of the plan to expedite construction operations, which will result in early completion of this section, and may result in an earlier completion date for the overall Virginia Street Project.

“This is great news for all Midtown businesses,” said Rum Sugar Lime business owner Larry DeVincenzi. “The RTC and SNC reached out to us, they listened, and we support their plan to expedite the project. This project is going to be great when it’s done.”

Details about Virginia Street construction and closures

Photo Courtesy of Larry DeVincenzi owner of Rum Sugar Lime

To make the best use of the conditions created by the Governor’s COVID-19 mandate, Virginia Street will be closed to traffic from Mary Street and Center Street to Mt. Rose Street until April 17. Closing Virginia Street to all traffic in this section allows crews to remove the entire roadway at once, instead of half of the road at a time.

Crews have already started the removal of the roadway’s deteriorated asphalt on Virginia Street.

These construction operations were originally scheduled for late April. SNC anticipates this may result in a five- to six-week time savings for this segment of the project. Adjusting the schedule and resources to complete removals now, while most businesses are closed, will result in fewer impacts when businesses can reopen.

This closure will be effective 24 hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week on businesses potentially reopening per the Governor’s mandate. After April 17, traffic between Mary Street/Center Street to Mt. Rose Street will be one-way, southbound only until construction is complete in that section.

During this time, traffic will be detoured to Holcomb Avenue. There will be no through traffic for this section of Virginia Street, but side streets will remain open so people can access essential businesses and pick up to-go food orders from Midtown restaurants. The Project Team will work with businesses to accommodate deliveries from their vendors, customers to pick-up to-go orders, and safely access businesses.

Traffic will continue to be one-way southbound on Virginia Street from Liberty Street to Center Street.

For more information on the project, construction operations, business-support opportunities, and more, visit VirginiaStreetProject.com, text Virginia to 797979, or join the conversation on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram using #VirginiaStreetProject.

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