There are plenty of areas near Midtown Reno that can offer home buyers some of the same charm and proximity to this popular neighborhood. While not being immediately in the boundaries that are recognized as Midtown Reno, these pockets of housing are within walking or biking distance. If you’re looking to live near Midtown, and want additional options to consider, here are five nearby neighborhoods to explore with many housing options:

Midcentury Charm

If you’re in the market for a home with character, look to the area east of the VA Hospital, west of Kietzke Lane, north of Vassar Street and south of Renown Regional Medical Center. This area near to Midtown Reno features several single-family home developments built mostly in the 1930s to 1980s. Most of the homes have more than two bedrooms and usually include a garage.

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West of Downtown

North of Liberty Street and East of Keystone area, several blocks of the Riverwalk District and Downtown include single-family homes and condominiums. Nestled around the Powning District, many original homes built at the turn of the 20th century stand in testament to their unique architecture and period.

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Virginia Lake

In the past 15 years, several new housing developments have gone up on the east bank of Virginia Lake. From the Glen Manor and Camden Place townhomes to the condominiums at the Villas at Edgewater, there are many recently built properties. To the west of Virginia Lake, Country Club Acres boasts many large single-family homes. Location wise, Virginia Lake is very near to Midtown Reno and a close walk to the most southern part of the district.

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Park Lane Adjacent

South of Vassar Street, between the up and coming Park Lane and Kietzke Lane,  there are several blocks of single-family homes built between 1939 and 1977. Condominium complexes built in the 1980s have one- and two-bedroom units available for sale. These properties have the advantage of being near Midtown Reno and to a soon-to-be 45-acre mixed-use hub. And, some have been priced at $200,000 and below.

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Dickerson Road

Keep heading west on Second Street along the Truckee River, and it will eventually become Dickerson Road. Home to many galleries, shops, and small businesses, this artistic neighborhood also includes several condominium and townhome communities. While a bit of a walk, this area is still near Midtown Reno and Downtown Reno as well.

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