In the past few years, I’ve completed several Midtown Reno renovation projects. Why? Because I love houses. I love to look at furniture and design and architecture. As a result, renovating a home is an activity I truly enjoy.

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For example, the last Midtown Reno renovation I completed was on a home built in 1968. It was the most extensive renovation I completed and included a full gutting of the house. I wanted to stay true to the home’s period, so I tried to find details and furniture that would be appropriate. I even found lighting fixtures sold by a Reno department store in the 1960’s in storage and that were never opened.

Inevitably, when I’ve completed one project, I’ll see some great light fixtures or flooring, and I’ll want to buy a new house and do it all over again.

Along the way, I’ve learned quite a bit about renovation projects, and I’d like to share my hard-earned knowledge.

What you need to know about taking on a Midtown Reno Renovation

Keep the charm

I always hope that people will stay true to a house’s history and style. I believe that when it comes to homes, we can always have new, but we can never get back what was there. So, if there are any details at all that are period-specific or unique, I try to keep and preserve them. For example, one home I renovated had gorgeous tile kitchen counters. So, I refinished the original cabinets instead of ripping them all out to save that tile.

Prepare for possibilities

Photo courtesy of Andrew Coleman at In1View Photography

Many people I work with really liked the idea of living in Midtown in one of these old houses. I try to make them aware of kind of what tradeoffs they may need to make. Because of when these houses were built, they may not have a master suite, walk-in closets, or an open kitchen or two-car garage. You need to make sure that the home actually can fit your lifestyle and needs. There’s only so much you can add or expand.

Roll up your sleeves

Depending on the house and its upkeep, it may need extensive work as far as utilities and structure. Some homes were updated over time and need cosmetic renovations or upgrades. Others may be on the old knob and tube electrical or have original plumbing or oil heating. When I work with people who want to do a Midtown Reno renovation, I outline what they may need to do to bring the house to the standard of living they want.

Get the right agent

Having an agent who is familiar with the area and with what a rehab entails is extremely helpful. Someone who knows what kind of work may be required and the process for completing that work can save you surprises and frustrations.

Photo courtesy of Andrew Coleman at In1View Photography

It’s worth the investment

That all may sound intimidating, but what I love about Midtown is that it is a neighborhood where you can get your money back from making these improvements. There’s nothing else like it. People are willing to pay a premium for a totally turnkey, old, charming home in the middle of town. So, if you are ready to do the work, you really can make money, and it can pencil out.

Don’t get discouraged

Typically, you can make an old house work for you with the right vision and the right team. Don’t give up on your Midtown Reno renovation dream. It is typically possible, and sometimes it’s easier than you might think. Yes, it can be daunting, but if you have the right team and the right resources, you can make it work.

Keep Midtown charming

Part of buying and renovating a home is respecting its history. To me, you’re the steward of the house, and you need to do right by it. Midtown Reno is a great neighborhood with all its original character and charm. Let’s preserve its integrity and do right by the incredible old houses that we can never duplicate.

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