ArrowCreek is one of south Reno’s premier luxury communities and offers expansive views of the city and 1,600 acres of preserved open space in the 3,200-acre area. This community can suit all lifestyles and has a beautiful community center with swimming, tennis, and barbecue facilities. ArrowCreek also includes two championship golf courses designed by Arnold Palmer, Fuzzy Zoeller, and John Harbottle.

To learn more about what makes ArrowCreek so special, I interviewed a few Dickson Realty agents who represent the area: Amy DeBaun, Bonnie Beck, Jay Kenny, Joe Wieczorek, and Scott Shandrew. Combined, they have more than 50 years of experience living in and selling real estate in ArrowCreek—so they’re happy to share their thoughts and expertise!

What makes ArrowCreek a special place to live?

Scott Shandrew: ArrowCreek really feels like you’re part of a community. You can zip down in your golf cart, hit the clubhouse, and have a couple of cocktails. Or you can go to a couple of other friends’ houses and get to know your neighbors. There’s a real sense of, “I live in an area, and everybody that lives there has the same quality of life.”

Joe Wieczorek: There’s nothing better than coming home through the gates, getting home, and looking out from your backyard. You feel like you’re removed from the city, even though it’s really close. You leave your baggage atthe gates, get home, and enjoy your personal life.

Amy DeBaun: Our family loves the location and proximity to schools and recreation. My 13-year-old put a sticker on the fridge that says, “24 minutes.” He can be on the slopes at Mt. Rose in that time.

Jay Kenny: I think the main selling points of ArrowCreek is one, the view, and two, the school district.

The rumor is that ArrowCreek has the best views! Is it true?

Amy DeBaun: The views are beautiful!

Joe Wieczorek: You can’t beat the views at ArrowCreek. Once people get just a little bit of a city view, it blows them away. From the SF Bay area, it’s equivalent to buying a place where the views are the primary reason you live there.

Scott Shandrew: The city views are just phenomenal.

Jay Kenny: I think what really separates ArrowCreek are the views. ArrowCreek has these expansive views of all of the city and the mountains. I think that’s one of its top features.

Is golf a big part of the lifestyle at ArrowCreek?

Scott Shandrew: Being able to have the golf course there is obviously a plus. Although I was not a golf member when I lived in ArrowCreek, I did play golf up there quite often. If you are a golfer and you want that amenity, it’s great to have the golf club. Also, I know that many people do move up there for golf privileges. Something that gives it an added value is that you can join the club, but you don’t necessarily have to be a golf member to enjoy everything that ArrowCreek has to offer. For many people, once they get there, they see the value of it and they end up joining.

Joe Wieczorek: I’m not a golfer, but I think it’s cool to see and look at. It is nice when my family comes to town if they want to go they can get on my course whenever they want.

For many golfers, the courses are the main draw.

Is ArrowCreek a good place for children and families?

Jay Kenny: “Family” has so many—from the family we’re given to the family we choose. It’s great to see all the kids riding their bikes to school and walking to school. It’s a feature that ArrowCreek has, and you rarely see it anywhere else.

Amy DeBaun: There are great paved paths throughout the community. You can walk, you can run. The kids ride their bikes and ride their scooters to school and back. And, the four-legged furry kids can get plenty of exercise, too!

What is the community like at ArrowCreek?

Joe Wieczorek: You can be as involved in the community as you want to be, or you can remain private if that’s what you prefer. Living in ArrowCreek is what you make out of it. I think that’s important too because sometimes we can oversell the sense of community and some people don’t want that.

Scott Shandrew: I mean it’s easy to become involved. You can join bingo night on Thursdays or pasta and prime rib on Wednesdays. Alternatively, you can just hang out and relax and enjoy the views on your own. It’s up to the individual or the family to decide how much they want to get involved or how much they don’t want to get involved.

What is the new clubhouse at ArrowCreek going to be like?

Jay Kenny: There is a full renovation going on right now. There will be pools,  bocce ball courts, and pickleball courts, so members can also have a country club feel.

Scott Shandrew: They’re adding a ton of new amenities to the clubhouse, including a 5,000-square-foot pool, 15,000-square-foot furnished deck, bocce courts, a short game practice area, driving range tee. There will also be an outdoor bar, multiple indoor and outdoor dining areas, cabanas, a built-in outdoor grill, flat screen televisions and a trellis area for entertainment during special member events.

Joe Wieczorek: While the new clubhouse will still have many features for golfers, it’s going to cater to people and groups of all ages. I know my family will sure use it quite a bit.

Amy DeBaun: I am excited about the new additions that the clubhouse plans to do! My family already uses the ArrowCreek recreation center, which is a different facility. In the summertime, the kids all get together at the pool, and the parents can meet up.

What is it like buying a home in ArrowCreek?

Joe Wieczorek: It can be very competitive. When I listed and sold my house, I had an offer before I even listed it. The first showing asked me what I wanted, and they paid the price because ArrowCreek is that special.

Scott Shandrew: If you want to live in ArrowCreek, you need to come ready to buy. You need loan pre-approval done, cash in hand, checkbook ready to go, and make it happen.

Jay Kenny: Prices have definitely jumped in the community, and I think it’s going to continue to stay strong. I believe it is the premier gated community in Reno,for people of all ages and walks of life.

Amy DeBaun: Homes in the area generally sell above the region’s median price for subdivision developments. A custom home with golf course, mountain and city views could cost well over than $1 million. There are also some custom home lots still available if you prefer to build the home of your dreams.

If you’d like to find out more about homes for sale in ArrowCreek, contact one of our neighborhood experts at any Dickson Realty office.