In the heart of the golden west, you can find one-of-a-kind Northern Nevada whiskey. Over the past years, the craft distillery scene in Reno, Sparks and Northern Nevada has aged and become more abundant in flavor and character. Several locations offer locally-distilled whiskeys, and more are aging in barrels. Here are five places where you can taste locally-made, Northern Nevada whiskey.

Northern Nevada Whiskey from Bently Heritage

Northern Nevada’s newest distillery is Bently Heritage in Minden, Nevada. Located in the more than 100-year-old Minden flour mill, Bently restored the building to modern LEED-certified standards. Currently, the distillery sells single-estate vodka and gin distilled from oats grown on the Bently ranch in Minden. A whisky is coming soon.

Northern Nevada Whiskey From Branded Hearts Distillery

This artisan distillery in Reno got started by making rum, but now makes whiskey as well. Branded Hearts’ Wheat Whiskey comes from a mixture of hard red and soft white wheat grown in Northern Nevada. It’s aged in hand-charred white oak barrels and has a floral flavor with notes of vanilla, and brown sugar. Branded Hearts’ Oat’ed Bourbon Whiskey uses oats, which gives the small-batch whiskey a softer mouthfeel and complexity.

Northern Nevada Whiskey From The Depot Craft Brewery Distillery

Local distillers hand-craft The Depot’s spirits and use local grains, which are milled on site. Whiskeys are aged in the third-floor barrel room of its historic building. The Depot’s Silver Corn Whiskey features Nevada-grown corn that is double distilled to produce a flavorful spirit with a clean finish. The Aged Corn Whiskey is aged in small American oak casks to create a spirit with smooth vanilla notes and rustic edges. The Biggest Little Bourbon uses Nevada-grown corn and wheat with a traditional double distillation for a smooth, complex whiskey. To make its Rye Whiskey, The Depot ages rye and Nevada-grown corn along in small barrels to highlight the spirit’s complexity. The small batch American Single Malt Whiskey incorporates three smoked barley malts, which creates a rich, smoky flavor.

Northern Nevada Whiskey From Frey Ranch Estate Distillery

Frey Ranch is Nevada’s first estate distillery. Every step to create the spirit, from growing the ingredients, to aging, to bottling, happens on the farm. Located in Fallon, the distillery currently has more than 2,000 oak casks of whiskey aging. The first batch hasn’t been released yet, but Frey Ranch is planning for a summer uncasking. While Frey Ranch focuses on bourbon, they are also aging rye whiskey, wheat whiskey, oat whiskey, corn whiskey, single malt whiskey, and single malt bourbon. Currently, the distillery has released vodka, gin, barrel-finished gin, and absinthe, which are all available for tasting.

Northern Nevada Whiskey From Seven Troughs Distilling Co.

Seven Troughs Distilling handcrafts small batches of artisanal spirits using a mid-19th-century fermentation and distillation process. Its open fermentation in wooden hogsheads and distillation in a direct fired pot still, give the spirits a uniquely Nevada flavor. Seven Troughs Distilling’s Old Commissary whiskey is an authentic recreation of Nevada’s first legal whiskey and is pleasantly sweet with a subtle anisette finish. They also distill rum and gin.

Northern Nevada Whiskey From Verdi Local Distillery

If you’re looking for whiskey with unusual but delectable flavors, check out Verdi Local Distillery. Verdi Local creates whiskey with different flavors, such as apple cinnamon (perfect for a hot toddy), mahogany whiskey, garlic whiskey, black licorice whiskey and hoppymess (whiskey distilled from beer) and merlot-barrel-aged whiskey. The distillery also regularly offers special seasonal flavors.

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