Now let’s take a quick look at the Reno/Sparks housing market and compare September 2015 to September 2014.

Dickson Realty Market Trends- Market News October 29, 2015 from Dickson Realty on Vimeo.

The number of home sales in September were up 10 percent from September, 2014. Generally, we experience a slight decrease in sales this time of year. However, the number of sales for September represent the second highest September unit sales in history, exceeded only by 2003.

Inventory, or the number of homes available for purchase, was down in September by 16.2% from last year.

Median Sales Price continues to steadily increase year over year, with a leap of 19 % from the same time in 2014. This is excellent news for sellers.

According to FreddieMac, there was a decrease of 0.27% in the 30-year fixed interest rate from September, 2014. This is very good news for buyers.

Although the number of new listings increased by 10 %t over September 2014, the 626 new listings in September 2015 represented a 12.2% decrease from August. The days on market, or the time it takes to sell a home, was down by 2.3 % over September of last year.


This is a lot of information to digest. What does it mean to you? The Reno and Sparks area continues to be a strong seller’s market, making it a great time to sell your home.

For buyers, the first thing you want to do before heading out to look at homes is to talk with your agent and go see a lender to get pre-qualified. Remember, you can contact an Eagle Home Mortgage expert at our Dickson Realty offices in Reno and Sparks to get pre-qualified.

With inventory at historic lows and homes selling faster, being first to know about a new listing is very beneficial. Both the Dickson website and the Dickson mobile app are updated every 30 minutes with new listing activity. Contact one of our Dickson expert agents to find out how easy it is to setup a search or download our free mobile app from the Apple or Google Play store to get started.

Whether you’re thinking of buying or selling your home contact one of the many experienced Dickson Realty agents today. We are the market leader and have been helping buyers and sellers for over 40 years.

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