The Virginia Street bridge has been standing since 1905 and is scheduled to be torn down on May 20th and replaced. Talks of replacing the bridge have been going on since 1997, and it is finally here! Constructing of the new bridge is estimated to be complete in 12 months and will be done by Q&D Construction. They won the bid back in March.

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What you need to know:

  • Auto and pedestrian traffic will be diverted to the nearby Sierra and Center street bridges.
  • Bicycle commuters will be encouraged to use Arlington or Lake street bridges to cross the river.
  • Walkways will be 4 feet wider with the new bridge (from 8 feet to 12 feet).
  • New plazas will be constructed on both sides with art and commemorative plaques of the historical bridge.
  • You can check out a live video feed of construction status at

You can check out the RGJ’s full article for more details and renderings of the new bridge here.


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