Though Dickson Realty is an independent, local firm, we sell more real estate than any of our competitors in the northern Nevada area. Let’s take a look at some specifics and why this matters to you as a buyer or seller.

In the Reno/Sparks market, the 4th quarter for 2013 Dickson Realty had 17.48% of the Overall Market Share in Northern Nevada, which was nearly twice the market share of our closest competitor at 9.35%. Overall in the northern Nevada/Truckee-North Lake Tahoe market, out markets share was 15.6% with our next closest competitor at 8%.

And we’re not just the “overall” market share leader. We continue to lead in the luxury market with over 70% of the luxury sales over $2 million.

In the Reno/Sparks market Dickson also outperforms its competitors in time and dollars. Dickson Realty’s Median Days on Market was 66 days compared to the MLS’s 71 Days, that’s 5 days less. The sale of an MLS Average Price Home was $255,449. The Sale of a Dickson Average Price Home was $344,904. That means Dickson listings sold on average for $89,455 more. The RESULT is Dickson listings sell for 26% more money and 7% quicker.

Our market share and sales performance is a direct reflection of just how extraordinary our Dickson agents are. We have a diverse group of agents who are full-time professionals, expertly trained in so many of the specialized areas of today’s complicated real estate world.

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