The holiday season for selling real estate, between November and January, is considered by some to be the worst time of year to sell your home. But there are distinct advantages to selling your home during this time. One reason is that during the holidays, more properties are taken off the market than put on. Buyers then have fewer homes to choose from and therefore your home will have less competition. More importantly, buyers during this time of year are serious buyers. No looky-loos are out! And during this time of year your home is looking its best; curb appeal is in full-force and there’s nothing better than walking into a home completely decked out for the holidays with the smell of cookies in the air.

Here are few more good reasons to list your home now:

  • There is less competition.
  • Winter prospects are more serious buyers.
  • Homes show better when decorated for the holidays.
  • With less competition you may get a higher price for your home and buyers are more emotional during the holidays and tend to spend more money.
  • Buyers have more time during the holidays to look at homes holidays, especially during vacations.
  • Companies normally transfer employees in January. Those relocating usually need to buy a home right away and simply cannot wait.
  • Many buyers purposely choose to purchase a home before the New Year to receive a tax credits such as deductions for home mortgage interest, real estate taxes, and PMI premiums.
  • Lenders and Title companies, and Appraisers are less busy and can spend more time focusing on processing your loans, appraisals, escrow quicker.
  • You may have fewer actual showings, but more qualified and motivated prospects.

Some Tips for Preparing Your Home During the Holidays

Deck the Halls – but don’t get carried away

Homes usually look their best during this season, but sellers should be careful not to overdo it with décor. Too many decorations and adornments can make the home look crowded, messy, and small. Keep your décor neutral by opting for general fall and winter decorations rather than too many religious items. When buyers stop by from the cold outside, make your home as warm and inviting as possible by turning up the heat, playing soft season music, having warm smells permeating the home…even bake a offer batch of holiday treats. Let them enjoy the time spent in your home and admire all of its best features.

Curb Appeal is most important this time of year.

Buyers are driving through neighborhoods and picturing the home that will be theirs someday. Curb appeal is a top priority with fallen leaves, bare trees, and a more exposed home. Decorate your home, keep the outside clear of leaves, and touch up any areas that need a bit of paint. And keep your buyers safety in mind by making sure stairs and walkways are free of leaves, ice, and snow.

Take top-quality photos and create a video tour of your home.

While the weather outside is frightful, you’ll get less traffic through your home in inclement weather. Homebuyers are likely to search for homes online and having beautiful pictures of your home and video tours allows buyers to stay home, cozy up to their fireplace, and view your home from the comfort of their own home, rather than brave a snowstorm to walk through the home.

Hire a reliable real estate agent.

That means hiring an agent who won’t disappear during Thanksgiving and Christmas, or New Year’s. This will ease your stress and let you enjoy the holiday season.

Dickson agents are experienced, knowledgeable professionals who will make sure your sales transaction are problem-free and as stress-free as possible.