August Sales Graph

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The apartment market has slowed down significantly.


  • 300 California Avenue: $675,000 or $30,681 per unit, by Daytwa Companies (Urban Investments). Included 22 units that are dated and have some deferred maintenance.
  • 680 Lander: 7 unit complex located at  that sold for $390,000 or $55,714 per unit.


The office market had ten sales occur in August.


  • 601 Sierra Rose Drive: $2,700,000 or $147.15 (18,348 sf) per square foot, by Dr. Stephen Vicks. The property was purchased out of foreclosure. Branch Banking Trust was the seller.
  • 690 E Plumb Lane: $1,300,000 or $81.71 (15,908 sf) per square foot. Sold to Lotus Radio by Schield Investments. The current tenant in this building is Stetson Beemer Insurance.
  • 540 Plumb Lane (the green office building in the Plumbgate development): $1,100,000 or $144 per square foot, by Mallard Investments. The building consists of 7,635 square feet.

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