Median Price Per Square Foot – Reno
‘Tis the season for change. Spring has sprung and we are seeing prices rise and inventories start to increase. School will be out soon and families that are thinking about making a change will start by listing their house and looking for a new one. Median prices have taken a jump and continue on an upward trend.

Median Price Per Square Foot – Sparks
Median prices per square foot in Sparks are continuing to rise. We are seeing an increase in traditional listings, quicker closings for buyers and sellers, and more building permits are being issued. Inventories increased in the last month and prices continue to move up.

Median Price Per Square Foot – Truckee
In the Truckee region, median prices per square foot have dropped off slightly since the upswing in the first quarter, perhaps because of an increase in inventory. Time will tell.