Prices are Up: Prices are steadily rising. You’re home could be worth more than you think.

But is now a good time to consider selling your home? First and foremost, ask yourself what the reason for selling is, i.e. are you considering an out-of-town move, is it a job change, a change of pay? Just because prices are rising doesn’t mean it will continue. There are a lot of outside factors that can influence the prices. We saw a substantial decline in our market following 9/11 which was a totally unpredictable event.

If we look at the actual numbers and compare month-to-month, we can see that median home prices rose slightly from $181,000 to $186,000 as with Price per Square Foot from $105 to $110. Average sales prices also rose. Condos actually went down in price from both median and average but rose slightly in price per square foot. And when compared to last year, prices have risen by 23%!

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If you’re think of listing your home, or buying this year, contact an experienced Dickson agent. Our agents have the training and expertise to make your transaction as smooth and problem free as possible.

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