Surprisingly, Non-Distressed homes are making up the majority of the sales! Below are the sales in a few selected areas of Reno just for review. Let’s take a look:

Area 122-Somersett area had 20 sales in the last 30 days. The price range was $140,000-$540,000 and of the 20 sold, 13 were Non-distressed, 7 of them are short sales.

Area 161-Caughlin Ranch area had 12 sales in the last 30 days ranging from $172,000-$537,500. 7 were Non-distressed and 5 were short sales.

Area 163-Lakeridge area had 17 sales which included 4 short sales and 1 bank owned property. There were 12 Non-distressed sales.

Overall, Non-distressed (Fair Market) listings are 75% of the current market and were neck-in-neck with short sales that sold in December 2012.