The Attorney General of Nevada launched a “new” program called Home Again. It is a single source for all distressed homeowners in Nevada to contact. It is specifically aimed to:

  • Homeowners seeking loan modification
  • Borrowers current but underwater
  • Those who lost homes to foreclosure
  • Households working towards homeownership

For more information, call 1-855-457-4638, go to or to the Attorney General’s website.

Upon calling the toll free number, you’ll speak a very knowledgeable person that explains the process. Upon reaching someone at the Home Again program, they will give some information on the phone and then be transferred to a HUD approved counselor to make an appointment.

“The good news”, says Sandy Lindsay of Eagle Home Mortgage, “is that I’m getting calls from people that had received loan modification funds from the original National Settlement last March and they were able to refinance.”