Dickson Realty has launched its new website, www.dicksonrealty.com, which is the most advanced and robust real estate site in the region. Also released is a mobile application for iOS (iPad, iPhone and iPod) and the Android Market (now Google Play). The new website will allow the public to browse listings and find housing information typically reserved only for licensed REALTORS®. The site also features enhanced price change email notifications, the ability to save advanced searches, create “favorites” lists and more. These features, along with a robust text based search engine, make home buying and selling easier than ever.

Homebuyers and sellers can use the enhanced website to follow market trends, research neighborhoods and homes as well as use tools provided by Dickson Realty experts to help find an ideal home. When searching for a home, people can access similar information as a REALTOR® by simply creating an account and logging into the website. Homebuyers also have the ability to save a house to their favorites list and be notified if the price or status of the home changes.

Homebuyers and sellers can also use the website to specify up to five different “markets,” or specific geographic areas, and track market activity and trends within that area. The website will update the homebuyer or seller of all market activity, including new listings, open houses, price changes and sales. The homebuyers and sellers can also select to receive updates in these markets via email to receive updates instantaneously.

After creating an account, homebuyers and sellers can rate their favorite properties and share comments. If one of their listings is a favorite, the number of times a property is saved and the average rankings for a property are automatically included on the My Market Report – a special report uniquely designed for each individual user. The enhanced website also allows users to set target prices for active home listings and receive email alerts when the price of the listing reaches or drops below your target price. Sellers will see price tracker information related to their listing on the My Market Report.

In addition, the new mobile application allows people to search for a home in a specific neighborhood simply by drawing a shape around a specific area on the map. The app will give search results for all the homes for sale, rent, pending sale, short sale or foreclosure within the drawn area. The app makes it even easier to find the perfect home in a desired area.

The enhanced website brings additional value and benefits to agents, including acting as a hub for Dickson Realty agents to use in order to assist with the home buying and selling process. The site serves as a central location that supplies agents with all of the tools and documents needed during a transaction. Agents also have the ability to send market trends specific to a client via email with a few simple clicks, as well as create custom listing profiles for their clients. These new online tools allow agents to focus on their clients’ needs and supply data to best assist them in the home buying and selling process. An additional benefit of the new website is that all Dickson Realty agents now have their own individual website that is as robust as the main website.

Visit the new website at www.dicksonrealty.com or download the mobile app in the iPhone or Android app store.