On January 13th the RGJ reported that since the D’Andrea golf club owed about $250,000 and until that is paid the  water to the course would be shut off. D’Andrea Holdings LLC has reported because of economic conditions they could no longer pay the fees to continue to pump reclaimed water on the golf course. It has been proposed to have each of the home owners pay an additional $28.00 per month and the water will be turned back on. What this will do is to create a residents club that would give homeowners the following benefits:

  • 28% discount on all food
  • The restaurant would be open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner.
  • 10% discount on the lowest published golf rate.
  • 10% discount on all merchandise in the pro shop
  • Free use of the club house for meetings.

All home owners have been mailed ballots and need to respond by March 1 to keep D’Andrea from going dry. A lot of the homeowners are playing “chicken” with their golf course, hoping that the current owners will be forced out and a new owner will take over, “really”. Even a couple of months with no water or maintenance and no one will touch it with a ten foot pole.

One other caveat, the biggest developer of houses in D’Andrea is Lennar and if they do not agree to the monthly increase there is no deal, “game over”.

Homeowners need to do the right thing and “vote yes” and keep your golf course green. This is a pretty inexpensive insurance policy to keep your property values from dropping further.

Last year Somersett had their own little crisis with the members taking over the course from the developer. Since then members have increased membership by 45% and the club is now making money and 2012 is looking great.

They are having some informational meetings before the vote, you can click here and see a schedule of the meetings and get more details of the pros and cons of this deal.