Tahoe Donner is renowned for its amenities, but there is a small but significant one that is often overlooked, and that is the Snow Play Area at the Trout Creek Fitness Center. I took my 13 year daughter and a friend there recently.  We had probably not been sledding there since the girls were 5 or 6, and thought we’d check out the new tubing runs. It ended up being too tame for the teenagers, but it was still a fun time. And it is a perfect way for families with children too young to ski to spend an afternoon.

There are two tubing runs that have been carved with high banks and long snaking turns, to end in a large central bowl area. From the end point, you can easily access the walkway back to the top to go again and again. The tubes are large and comfortable – plenty of room for a parent and child to go together. They also have long leashes to make the haul back up to the top much easier. Attendants are there to set you up for your slide and maintain proper spacing for safety. They’ll also spin you if you request it.

Adjacent to the tubing area are three groomed sled runs with high banks at the end to prevent out of control sledding. There are walkways to the sides of the sled runs to maintain the integrity of the slide area itself. Tahoe Donner provides the sleds as part of the amenity, so you don’t even have to worry about bringing your own.

Conveniently, there are picnic tables at the top of the sled hill and I saw many Grandparents settling in there to watch the kids at play and enjoy the sunny day.

Being back among small children and young parents brought back many wonderful memories. We spent many hours with friends and their children sledding here in what now seems a lifetime ago.  here is perhaps no better amenity for a family, including the older generation, to be able to enjoy together. And that’s what life is all about!