I’m sure you know the story – the village who pools their meager resources finds that each of their individual little bits of food actually goes a long way when combined with that of others. Truckee has its own version that can be found weekly at our local community center. Now in its third year, Stone Soup offers a chance for all of us to get out and enjoy the company of our friends and neighbors, and recreate that sense of community that can sometimes be lost during the harsh winters here. There is no shortage of groups who get together to make the soup from goods donated by local restaurants each week – nonprofits, businesses, community organizations – all are on the docket to cook this year. T Pots Pottery is going to offer premade soup bowls for you to decorate for a $10 fee. Keep your bowl and bring it each week, or donate it to Stone Soup and pay it forward for a long time to come!

So if you find yourself in town on a Sunday evening between now and the end of March, come join us anytime between 5and 7pm at the Community Arts Center, 10046 Church Street. There is always entertainment by area musicians and lots of friendly folks to share a table with. Donate some money to the cause if you can, but if not, just enjoy a bowl of hot soup and fresh bread while listening to the music and watching all the little kids dancing around. It’s a great way to enjoy the best of Truckee!