Kind: adj. warmhearted, friendly; kindness n.

In the 13th century “kind” was used to mean “wellborn” and “of good nature”; in other words “possessing all the (good) qualities usually attributed to those of good birth”. Today – the meaning is the same, yet the actions in today’s day and age may not…

Or are they? In the Real Estate world, the best showing of kindness may be hearing the Seller say, “of course we’ll fix that”; or the Buyer who accepts the terms even if “they don’t include the snow blower” (a commonly used piece of machinery in Truckee/Tahoe); the agent who willingly travels across town for a signature; not to mention the local Title Company who prints out documents over the week-end in order to facilitate for the out-of-area-Buyer. What’s kindness to you…?

The Chinese say – …”never filling your own cup but always filling that of someone else, who would return the favor” – now that’s kindness to me…..