Reno, Nev. – It has been a long-time dream for Amy Angella to come to work for Dickson Realty and after 10 years of working from home she is now making that dream come true. It all started when she and her husband purchased their first home 15 years ago with the help of a Dickson agent. It was the most pleasant experience and was handled with such professionalism and care. That agent is still a part of their lives today. That is exactly what Amy hope to bring to this career−professionalism, genuine care and concern for her clients, and enthusiasm.

amyangellaHer family business, Crinion Angella Construction Corporation, has been in the custom home building industry in Lake Tahoe for 25 years, so this was a great way to bridge her hands-on love for homes and building into a new and exciting career. 

Amy always strives to make sure that her clients are fully informed about a transaction and that all of their needs are being met. Her goal for her clients is to be completely satisfied, so that not only will they bring their business back to her but will also refer all of your family and friends to me as well. 

You can contact Amy Angella at 775.690.1362 or