You are sitting in front of a listing wondering what the price is, how big it is etc.  The flyer box is empty and you can’t reach the agent on the phone.  You’re frustrated.  Nof if you’re sitting in front of a listing that offers information via Text Messaging.  Text messaging is exploding throughout America.  As a buyer you demand the information on the property to educate yourself prior to interacting with the seller.  I am using Goomzee, a technology that allows me to deliver information directly to the buyer while they are sitting in front of my listing.  A simple sign rider directs the buyer where to text.  Instantly the buyer receives the most important details along with pictures of the property.  The buyer is also given my contact information to schedule a showing if they want to see more.  Buyers love it, sellers love it and agents love it.  The information is shared quickly.  Not to mention it’s GREEN.  No paper flyers.  A definite win-win.