I have been reading a lot of the research about the effects of multi tasking… texting while in meetings, texting while talking on the phone, etc. None of the research is too promising but I found a great way to multi task today.

I went to the new Fast Smog at the corner of MaeAnne and McCarran, directly behind Big O Tires. It took me less than 30 minutes to get my smog test done, get my car registered and donate to my favorite school. That 30 minutes also included travel time from Caughlin Ranch. Jeff Sallan, owner of the new Fast Smog donates part of his proceeds to the school of your choice. Mamie Towles has been our Dickson Realty Caughlin Ranch Adopted School for many years so that part was easy. I love doing business with good community neighbors. So if need to have your car registered and smogged, go visit Jeff at Fast Smog.