If you have ever driven around Caughlin Ranch you have probably noticed the tudor mansion on one of the highest hills in Juniper Hills (between Caughlin Ranch and Juniper Trails on Plateau). This property was built in 1982 by Mike Neeser and will probably always be known as “The Neeser Place” at least to us old timers. If you talked to neighbors who lived in the neighborhood at the time, they (now) laugh and tell how the road was cut up the hill in the middle of the night. Some believe it would have never met the grading requirements to build the driveway. They tell me Washoe County was so irritated they deed restricted the property not to allow any subdivision of the 8.4 acres.  Who knows if that is true or not but over the years I think Dickson Realty has sold it just about everytime it has been sold, always to interesting people. The County has always had some very hard ‘rules” about the property which leads me to believe at least some of the story may be true. The property has gone through some sad and neglected times but has recently been purchased. The current owner is applying for a zoning change. Below is a copy of the application if you know anyone who might be affected.

Click here for the Southwest Truckee Meadows Comprehensive Plan Amendment CP09-007