Most golfers slice their full shots most of the time. The best antidote to slicing is to learn a set-up and swing that stops you from cutting across the ball from out to in with the clubface open. However, if that’s too tough of a goal, you might at least reduce the banana pattern of your shots by experimenting with grip thickness.


Unless you have unusually large hands, a thicker grip is not necessary. The thicker the grip on a golf club, the more you must hold it with the palm rather than your fingers. With a grip moved more into your palms when you hold the club, this cuts down on the activity of your wrists during the swing. With less wrist action in your swing, you have a greater chance of overusing your shoulders to throw the clubhead outside of the proper path on the downswing. This also leads to under using your hands to square the clubface at impact.

Thus by increasing wrist action as a result of placing the club more in your fingers, thinner grips might help reduce your slice. But to cure it totally, I’m afraid; you will also need to work a lot harder on your set-up and swing.

If you still have trouble with your slice give the staff at The Resort at Redhawk a call a set up a lesson.