On Saturday, April 25th, the City of Reno, in partnership with Consumer Credit Affiliates of Northern Nevada (a federally funded not for profit) will be hosting two workshops. The first workshop will start at 9am and will aim to assist households at-risk of experiencing foreclosures. After the hour long workshop, it will be followed with an informational session and one-on-one time with those attendees who are interested in speaking to counselors and providers.The second workshop starts at 1:00pm and is intended to provide information, resources and first-time homebuyer education to individuals and families interested in becoming homeowners.  After the hour long presentation by Consumer Credit Affiliates, there will be an informal informational session and an opportunity to meet with various providers, including credit counselors, banks and Dickson Realty.  Get information on such items as down payment assistance, first time homebuyer tax credit or how to purchase foreclosed homes. 

The event takes place at the Downtown Ballroom and is free of charge.