Now that the winter months are upon us and the weather has started to change I feel this tip will help you make the most of playing in adverse conditions.

Here in the Greater Reno/Carson City area you may not often find yourself playing in the rain (on average 200+ days of sunshine) but when you do this tip will greatly increase your efficiency and make it at least somewhat enjoyable. In the rain, your paramount concern is to keep your hands and grips dry. Have your umbrella handy and use a cover for the top of your clubs – this keeps the water off the grips. Keep a dry towel and an extra glove or two in your bag and cart. Hanging a small towel under the struts of your umbrella helps keep the towel dry and allows easy access before taking your grip. Collapse the umbrella as you prepare to play so the wind can’t flip it. Between shots, keep your hands in your pockets. Whenever possible, walk with your palms facing down – this simple trick will keep the “business” side of your hands dry…in cold weather I recommend also utililizing those charcoal based hand warmers these will greatly increase your feel.

How to Play in the Rain!!
It’s vital to stay in balance and the swing with more control. Most golfers tend to
over-swing, so wearing a rain jacket becomes a blessing because it makes a three-quarter swing essential. On most shots you’ll want to take more club maybe even two – because the ball doesn’t fly as far in heavy, cold, wet air.

If the ground is sloppy, widen your stance slightly and use less leg action. Use more arms and shoulders. If you’re playing in a competitive match, realize that the level of play is not going to be as good in poor weather. For ME, the idea isn’t to make birdies, but to not hurt myself making bogeys.

I want to thank you for your time in reading this blog….this the first installment of many to come I look forward to not only providing golf tips and information on local golf courses but be the source of Real Estate information as it pertains to our local market focusing on Golf Course Properties.

Below are links to local courses and winter rates Winter rates at site Winter rates at site

ArrowCreek Golf Course
Winter Rates are $45 until 2:00 pm and $25 after 2:00 pm

Lakeridge Golf Course
Winter Rates:$50 everyday

D’Andrea Golf Course – Home page – Rate page – Players Club page

Fernely Golf Course (775) 835-6933
Rates are as follows:

Monday thru Friday:$30 until noon $25 after noon
Saturday, Sunday and Holidays: $35 until noon and $25 after noon

We have a special on Thursday: $25 all day and this includes a hotdog and soda.

These rates all include a cart.