Best In West Nugget Rib Cook-off

If you visit the Best In The West Nugget Rib Cook-offwebsite you will see a ticker that tells you just how long it will be until the offical start of this great event. As of today it is 14 days away and my stomach is already growling.  Sparks is host to this and many other great events during the year.  This happens to be one of my personal favorites. 

When you get 24 of the nations top rib cookers from all over the country coming to the City of Sparks to be a part of one of the biggest rib cook-off events in the nation you just have to get excited.  The Nugget and the City of Sparks do a fantastic job of putting on this event and this year marks the 20th anniversary.

New to the area or visiting?  This is a don’t miss event.  You can walk up and down Victorian Square in Sparks and sample ribs.  There are great side dishes too – roasted corn, lemonade, kettle corn and chocolate covered frozen fruit.  Or if you are looking for a more relaxed environment you can purchase a table for 10 in the Rib Village (Monday night is still available) and enjoy all you can eat ribs and drinks. 

So don’t miss out – the Best In the West Nugget Rib Cook-off starts on Wednesday, August 27th and runs through Monday, September 1st (Labor Day).  See you there.