Small Business Owners. Real Estate Investors. Everyone seems to think the market landscape is too dreary to do anything…but is it really? For those opportunists, this is the time to be innovative and take charge. There have been many great brands born during a recession. For instance, in 1958, Trader Joes launched its brand in the midst of an economic slowdown. And, today it is a brand giant. If handled correctly, an economic downturn can actually be a good thing…IF HANDLED CORRECTLY. Times like this provide us with an opportunity to be innovative and to get a substantial leg up on the competition or our own personal gains. So, suppose you use the recession as a catalyst for innovation rather than an excuse to cut back and/or do nothing. Your competition is withdrawing, but you take charge of your future.

For me, it’s all about real estate. This is the time to buy your dream home. An investment property. Land. Why? It’s a buyer’s market. This is the time to negotiate your terms, get more value for your dollar and there are so many options, you are NOT limited. Real estate has always been considered a long-term investment, not short-term. The extreme rise in real estate values has currently altered the real estate buyer’s mindset. Real estate is not a get rich fast option, its long term security. Ordinarily…real estate will increase over time; it’s RARELY a bad investment.

So remember…recessions by definition are temporary. Opportunists don’t abandon their growth strategies in light of temporary setbacks. They attack aggressively, while everyone else is pulling back. This is how you win!