Operating under the belief that real estate companies have a responsibility to educate their clients, Dickson Realty has developed Dickson Green. The new division will serve as a resource for healthier, more cost-effective, green real estate practices.

What constitutes a green real estate practice? Everything from energy efficient windows and recycled building materials to sustainable landscaping and a home’s air quality.

Investing in green training, education, and making a commitment to green practices within the company, Dickson Realty believes it can serve as a resource on green living environments for its real estate clients.

Green education from the inside out
In order to help clients better understand and benefit from green practices, Dickson started in house. In January of 2008 Dickson rolled out an environmental “go green” plan. A core committee of five was entrusted with implementing the program.

Each of the ten corporate offices began with a checklist of action items that incorporated reducing office waste, using reusable materials and recycling whenever possible

Dickson also distributes an internal E-newsletter (saving paper waste!) each month with environmental information pertinent to real estate. A green tip is sent to each office manager to discuss at their sales meetings.

Realtor “greening”
EcoBrokers are licensed realtors who have received training and certification in order to take advantage of and encourage energy efficiency and sustainable design in real estate properties. Dickson currently has four of Nevada’s seven certified EcoBrokers on their team. Craig Schriber, Trudy Brussard, Carolyn Schweber, and Curt Sanders are Dickson’s EcoBroker certified realtors.

Spreading the green around
Dickson’s goal is to serve as the ultimate green resource for buyers and sellers. Throughout 2008, they will continue to build their EcoBroker staff, as well as create a list of green vendors, green building materials and remodeling options, eco-friendly homes and green mortgage information

Better health, sustainability and higher profits are just some of the benefits green real estate practices offer.