Nancy Fennell, president of Dickson Realty, introduces Kylie Rowe as the company’s new Vice President of Relocation and Agent Services. With over 100 companies, like Tesla and Switch, moving or expanding into our region in the past few years, Reno and Sparks are now cities for relocation of executives and employees. Kylie Rowe will be an ambassador for our area and a resource for these companies relocating or growing in our region. Not only will she will assist in the relocation of employees, but when applicable, help their spouses and families integrate into our community.

kar headshotMoving a company or relocating for a job are two of the top most stressful events people experience. It is a transition for the employer, employee and it is also challenging for a trailing spouse. Dickson Realty wants to help reduce that stress as much as we can and assist companies in making their employees as productive as quickly as possible. It is Kylie Rowe’s priority to become an expert resource for all community and neighborhood information to quickly help businesses and families integrate into our area.

As the former Assistant Director of the Ozmen Center for Entrepreneurship in The College of Business at University of Nevada, Reno, Kylie Rowe has expert community knowledge in entrepreneurship and higher education. She calls herself a social worker for business, with the passion to build relationships and connect people to advance business in our region. She has lived in Northern Nevada the majority of her life, and spent the past 10 years working both as a faculty member and student at the University of Nevada, Reno. Kylie Rowe has an undergraduate degree in Economics, Masters in Social Work and plans to graduate with a Masters in Business Administration in 2017.

If you are looking to relocate your business or are relocating because of business, contact Kylie Rowe at Dickson Realty. She will be delighted to help get you moved and properly introduce you to our beautiful community.

This article was authored by Nancy Fennell, President of Dickson Realty.